Speaking from the Heart

By: Lee Wise

(?Lee Wise 2002)

I'm sitting in chapel listening to an older man speak.

He's a seasoned pastor. The kind you would like to
be by your bedside shortly after the doctor has
informed you that your time on earth is limited.

Very limited.

"Doc," they call him. I listen closely to what
Doc is saying. No one would call him an orator.
And he certainly isn't energetic!

But he is real. As real as you can get.

As I'm listening intently to what Doc is saying,
I notice something else: the other members of our
audience are listening in exactly the same manner.

Older ones.
Younger ones.
It doesn't matter.
All are listening.



I think, "Why? Why are we listening so
attentively to what this man is sharing?"

I answer myself by saying,

"Because he is speaking from his heart."

He and his God have walked a long time on this earth

He is sincere and all of us in the room
can sense it.


My point is simple: speaking and living from the heart
is, to me, what it's all about. I can learn what to say,
how to say it, how to "read" my audience, and a thousand
other success tips on the art of public speaking.

But sharing with an audience -- even if only an audience
of one -- from deep within and sharing what I hold dear
to my heart is something I don't do because I listened
to a taped series on the art of speaking well.


I share that way because I'm striving to live well.
I speak that way because I allow what I'm learning
and value in life to mold my words.

That's great speaking -- speaking from the heart!!

Reflecting on Doc's message, I say to myself: "God,
give me the grace to speak like that in my life. Let my
words come from a life well lived and a heart well trained
in the art of loving You and others."

Speaking from the heart -- a good heart -- helps us in
at least three important ways:

1. It helps us "connect" with people
2. It gives us credibility as we share
3. It protects us from motives which take advantage
of people


In my opinion we all need to learn from the "Docs" of
the world. They are valuable people.

ThanksComputer Technology Articles, Doc. I'm still trying to listen and learn.
Your message got through today. My challenge will be
making sure it "hits home" tomorrow and the next day.

And the next.


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