3 Deadly De-Motivators

By: Noel Peebles

Demotivation happens when your negative thoughts overwhelm any positive
motivation you may have. Don't worry you're not alone. We all fall victim to
it at times. It may be as simple as "having a bad hair day", but it can also be
far more serious.

Demotivation can distract or discourage you from achieving your goals.
The truth is; demotivation can be downright deadly and destructive!

Here are some warning signs to look out for -

You might be feeling cantankerous, downhearted, frustrated, or as if you
are being victimized in some way. Other tell-tail signs could be boredom,
depression and lethargy.

So what's the cause and how can you overcome it?

Well, it could be due to one of several reasons. Here are 3 to think about:


Criticism is a prime culprit. Continued criticism might lead you to think
"I can’t do anything right." You may feel worthless or believe that no one
has faith in your ability. Then you start to doubt yourself.

This can happen when associating with the wrong people. Demotivation
can be the result of negative talk, always blaming others, or a "nothing ever
goes right" attitude.

The solution is to surround yourself with people who will make you feel
better about yourself. Seek out people who focus on what’s right and
good rather than what’s wrong and bad.


Demotivation can stem from greed.

There is a popular misconception
that people who are money-hungry are the greedy ones who end up with
the money. This is sometimes true in the short term, but often the exact
opposite happens.

When in the retail trade I saw this time and again. I knew of other retailers
who would squeeze their suppliers for every last cent. One chap would rip
the stitching on unsold soft toys and then return them to the supplier for a
credit. He never paid his bills on time and took advantage of everyone he
came in contact with. He tried it with me once... I said ONCE... and I
never helped him again. He began to wonder why he was not being offered
the good deals from suppliers that I was being offered. And, why weren't
his customers returning to buy more?

The fact is - bad things start to happen when greed comes into play. It may
not happen straight away, but it does happen. Greed often leads to arguing
and fighting which is stressful and demotivating.

I believe in doing your best and treating others, as you would expect to be
treated. With the right attitude, people will go out of their way to help you.


Demotivation can happen when you strive for the impossible. You may start
to think, "it’s all too hard" or "it’s just not worth it any more."

Demanding the best of yourself and having others demand it of you is fine,
but you are headed for a fall if you demand perfection. Be positive, know
what you are capable of doing and be realistic. That way you won’t be

The thing to remember is that motivation and demotivation are about getting
the balance right. We all have our ups and downs and none of us can expect
to be 100% motivated all the time.

We all go through patches of boredom, depression and lethargy. But, don’t
worry too much, unless your demotivation lasts for weeks on end. If it does,
then you may have to sit down and carefully assess your situation. Think
about what might be causing the problem. Think about what changes may
be necessary to maintain your right level of motivation?

At the end of the day, your success in life will depend on your own personal
motivation, dedication, and commitment. You'll know your capabilities. Your
level of motivation will determine what you do and your attitude will determine
how well you do it.

Above allComputer Technology Articles, don’t let demotivation defeat you.

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