The Power of Expectations

By: Kathy Gates

You can sit around and wait on FedEx to drop off a
big box of happiness on your doorstep if you want to.
But that's not likely to happen anytime soon. Or you
can get up, create an action plan, and get on with your
life. It's 100% up to you.

Expectations are a part of the universe that makes
thing happen, both negatively and positively. Like
atomic particles, universal forces cannot be explained,
but plugging into them creates some kind of energy.
You don't have to be able to see it or understand it to
use it.

Do you understand radio waves or computer chips
(ok, so some people do, but I don't and I have a lot of
company in that boat!). I can't see how this arrives
from my computer to yours, and I don't understand it,
but I sure use it. You only have to be willing to let it

If you were not given the power of positive
expectations early in life, you now have to create it
for yourself. You can live up or down to your own
expectations and the expectations of others. 98% of
people in prisons report that they were told by their
parents or others in their lives that they would end up
in prison.

They lived "down" to those expectations.
What if the same people had told them that they
would end up as a successful writer, or a great
inventor, or a top sports figure?

You have this same power. You have the power to be
creative and resourceful, or you also have the power
to be miserable the rest of your life. You have that
choice. You have that free will. You pick out an
attitude each day the same way you pick out your

Positive actions are much more powerful than
positive thinking. My mother had a great southern
saying: "Wish in one hand, pour peas in the other,
and see which fills up faster." She meant, of course,
that tangible action brings results, whereas just
wishing for something doesn't. Wishing that FedEx
would drop off a box of happiness on your doorstep
will have you waiting a very long time. Creating
your happiness, one day at a time, will bring that big
box of happiness much quicker.

To transform your attitude and maintain positive
actions, try the following things:
. Don't expect it to happen overnight, but
always expect it to happen
. Align yourself with people who also have
goals; they'll support you and encourage you
when you're tired and frustrated
. Step out of your comfort zone; do one thing
. Operate from the standpoint "as if" it had
already happened

No, you can't simply "will" a goal to materialize, but
you can make a commitment to do whatever it takes,
including consistent exercise, setting time to clean up
your environment, or investing your money in a
program instead of buying a new outfit. What do you
want so badly that you are willing to put aside other
things until a later time?

Your expectations of positive things is your best
resource. YOU can make that choice. YOU can
make it happen.

. Develop the ability to be your own best friend
. Cooperate with lifePsychology Articles, use what's in front of you
. Remember you are human; give yourself a
. Get into action every day.


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