10 Compelling Visions to Want for Yourself or Others

By: Louise Morganti Kaelin

We all know what it's like to want for things, both
tangible and intangible. It is often the first step in
moving from where we are to where we want to be. Wanting
'for' someone else, however, is a powerful concept, both
for you and the other person.

'Wanting for' another person transcends the everyday
experience and touches the soul of both individuals,
evoking our inner wisdom and connection to the Universe. If
we are doing the 'wanting', it lifts us up out of
ourselves and comes from that cleanest, purest part of
ourselves. If we are being 'wanted for', it can make us
feel cared for, heard, loved. Both are potent feelings.

Here are 10 extremely powerful 'want fors'. If you want
them for others, remember to add their name after the
'you' in each statement. Also bear in mind that they are
a gift from you to them.

You receive delight in the pure
giving, not in how it is received. The other person is at
liberty to accept, decline, or ignore it.

1. What I want for you is to experience the true richness of

2. What I want for you is to savor each and every moment of
your day

3. What I want for you is to be treasured by your
spouse/significant other, children, parents, siblings and

4. What I want for you is to be respected and held in high
esteem by your neighbors, coworkers and community.

5. What I want for you is to wake up each morning, joyous at
the prospect of the day before you.

6. What I want for you is to live in an environment filled
with beauty, grace and order.

7. What I want for you is to look forward to all of life's
challenges with excitement because you recognize that this
is how you stretch, grow and become 'the best' that you
can be.

8. What I want for you is to know what's really important
to you - your core values -- and to base all your
decisions and actions around them.

9. What I want for you is to live life in integrity with who
you are and to fully express all 'parts' of yourself.

10. What I want for you is to 'get' that if you can't do
it, you can't dream it. If 'it' ever crosses your mindFind Article,
then you have the ability to create it.


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