It Sure is Crazy Out There!

By: Linda Offenheiser

It seems the world of Internet marketing is changing
rapidly. There are so many new twists and turns every day.
How do we keep up with everything?

A Sense of Humor Helps!

I know it's hard to laugh when you receive 200 or more spam
messages in your email every day. But what's the
alternative? Hit the delete key or find an anti-spam
program that works.

A friend passed on word of ChoiceMail to me and it's the
easiest thing to use that I've found. What's more ~ I don't
have any spam in my mailbox since I installed it! Now
that's something to smile about. If you want to check it
out you can find it here: I'm
using the free version and it works just fine.

It's even harder to find something to laugh about when your
business mail is being blocked. Sometimes this is the fault
of filters but other times those all-knowing ISP's just
decide our subs or clients REALLY don't want to get our
mail even though they've requested it.

Now that is just not a laughing matter. It affects the way
we do business and has an impact on our success.

Lots of
people are working on ways to correct this problem (and not
all of them are interested in charging us huge fees to
guarantee delivery of our mail).

For the time being we have to take it in stride and keep
working our business. This is just one more obstacle that
has to be overcome; it is NOT the end of the Internet
marketing world.

Stay Positive!

The worst thing you can do is let all this negative stuff
affect your attitude. If you give in to frustration, if you
throw up your hands and say, "This is just too much; I
can't deal with it anymore" you may as well close the doors
of your business.

If you want to survive the changes and achieve your goals
now is the time to step up your efforts. Focus on your
business, not on all the obstacles. Remodel your website,
freshen your copy. Start a new marketing campaign. Keep
your name out there while your competitors are still
whining and wringing their hands.

Now is not the time to slough off and put that "Gone
Fishing" sign on your door! Many of your competitors will
do just that. Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity
to make giant strides toward your own success. Since change
is inevitable . . . use it to improve your position in the

When the Dust Settles . . .

If you stay focused on your goals while many others are
running around like the proverbial "chicken with its head
cut off", who's going to end up the winner?

Change can be a good thing; don't let the fear of it
paralyze you. What's more, don't let it defeat you! If you
want to succeed you have to adapt to the changes and move
on . . . always toward your goals.

So take a deep breath and get back to workFree Articles, knowing that
when the dust finally settles you're going to be right
where you want to be . . . at the head of the pack!

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