Four Steps to Getting More of What You Want

By: Becky Waters

How do successful business people and millionaires create
their success? By asking for what they want!

It's a simple concept that has become almost a cliché: ask
and ye shall receive. Yet many people wish or think about
having something, but are hesitant or afraid to actually ASK
for it. But there is tremendous power in asking for
something specifically - especially for having a detailed
description of what it is you want and why you want it.
That's why goals have a better chance of becoming a reality
if they are written down. There is power in the asking!

Did you ever write letters to God when you were a child? I
did. I'd write long detailed letters then fold them
reverently, seal them in an envelope, then put them in a
special place.

To my surprise and delight, I discovered that this
"technique" is also used by successful people around the
world. Robert Scheinfeld, successful businessman and author,
has developed his own flavor of letters to God specifically
designed for business people. In his book, The 11th Element,
he describes how hundreds of successful business men and
women and millionaires have taken advantage of this truth:
Ask and ye shall receive.

Recently, I used this "ask and receive" principle in a
powerful way to create an all expense paid trip to
Lithuania, even though there were many obstacles in my way.

A friend had been trying to talk me into going on this
mission trip for many months. But, I kept blowing him off,
thinking sure, it would be nice, but I don't think I can
really go. Then, nine days before the trip, I found out that
someone had had to drop out and my friend said to me again,
"You really should go."

This time I had a different reaction. I'd never been on a
mission trip before and had starting thinking, in the days
prior to this conversation, about what a potentially life
changing event this could be for the people going. Plus,
what a great opportunity, if it really worked out that I
could go! So I decided, yes, I do want to go. Then I made
the call to the trip coordinator to let him know.

Within a week, I had a ticket, all the obstacles had
dissolved themselves, and the money had been donated for me
to go. Two days later I was on the plane to Lithuania!

Whether it's a trip, a dream vacation, a new job, an
improved relationship, or whatever your heart's desire....
there is power in the asking. So decide what you want, then
ask for it. Speak it out loud or right it down. Have a clear
picture of exactly what it is, why you want it, and how it
will feel when you have it.

Then put some energy behind it. Take the steps necessary to
make it happen, knowing that things will turn out right.
Because, when it's the right thing for you, it will happen.

Four Steps to Getting More of What You Want:

- Know what you want and why
- feel it Ask for it
- say it out loudBusiness Management Articles, write it down Action
- take steps to make it happen
- know that the right thing for you will happen


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