How to Self Publish for Free

By: Curtis Lotito


Get self-published! This free e-book will have you self-published...for free within the amount of time it takes you to read it. This book takes you through all the steps of self publishing, and it includes easy to follow illustrations.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You'll Need

* Computer
* Brain
* Hands
* Time

Step One

First thing I did was write my manuscript...obviously. I sat and wrote and wrote and wrote taking occasional breaks, but not going back on what I had written no matter how "bad", it was or how much I "hated" it, that is for later.

Step Two

After I completed this stage, I was ready to begin my editing. I printed out my manuscript and began pouring over it searching out each and every error. Then I repeated the process. I did this three or four times, before I asked a few of my peers to read this through and make any corrections they felt necessary.

Step Three

Step three in this process is to create a free account with This website requires no credit card information, and no experience. All you have to be able to supply them with is an e-mail address and your name.

Step Four

Upon completing this you should be taken to the New Project Screen, otherwise click the New Project link at the right of the screen.

Next, you will select what kind of book you will publish. This may seem daunting with so many options, but you can just click the very first one, Paperback.

Step Five

Once you click what type of book you would like a small window will pop up asking for your title and where you would like to distribute it. I am interested in publishing my book and marketing it through LuLu and other online retailers so I selected that option which is probably the best choice. You may also just want to choose to distribute your book through only the LuLu network. Click save and continue to move on.

Step Six

Next you choose the measurements you would like for the book, and what kind of binding and whether you would like the book to be printed in color. I personally find Novel size 6"x9" to be best and to use perfect bound. Color is usually not necessary for the book, unless you actually have pictures, and it is more expensive.

Step Seven

This is the part where you need to upload your manuscript in .PDF, .DOC, or .RTF. I recommend .DOC or possibly .PDF. DOC is the standard for Microsoft Word, and open office, and such. Navigate to the folder and select it, the select upload. Once your file is uploaded, you will click Make Print-Ready.

Step Eight

This will render your file to the correct proportions and generate the actual book. You can then check it to make sure it is the way you would like it to be. I definitely recommend that you check the book before accepting. Once you judge it good, click the Save and Continue button.

Step Nine

This next step is the artistic step...could be fun...could be disaster depends on who you are. For me...disaster. Nonetheless, you choose whether you would like a theme, or if you would like to design the aspects of your cover separately. First, select a front and back cover by clicking the images on the bottom row. You have the option of uploading your own image if you have one, or choosing one made by I chose a pre-made.

In addition, you may upload a Biography picture of yourself if you are so inclined. The other option you have on this page is whether or not to keep the LuLu logo on the spine of your book, which is just a simple check box.

Step Ten

Next, you may choose to customize your title by changing the font and the size. You may add a subtitle, or chose whether you would like to display your name. You can also choose what information to put on the spine of your book. Finally, you may choose what the back of your book says. You can say anything you want, within 2048 characters. Once you have chosen all of that and decided you have made the best cover, you can, scroll down to the bottom and click Make Print-Ready cover. Then click Save and Continue if you like what you see.

Step Eleven

Next, choose a category that your book fits into well. Enter keywords, or words that people might search to get your book, the more words, the more people will find it. Enter a short description, and you should not have to worry about anything else. You can enter your name next to the copyright year if you wish. When you have finished entering all the information mentioned above, Click Save and Continue.

Step Twelve

The next step is setting your revenue. The key to this is realizing currently people have no reason to buy your book. Sadly, it is true. I should remind you of a rather harsh lesson I learned: “You do not write for the money, you write for the pleasure and the feeling of it." My point being set your revenue low, try to make only a dollar, or perhaps less. Right now, you just want to get out there, to reach people, to get your name known. In addition, it is not a bad idea to allow the download of your book for only a dollar this way you reach more people. Not to mention no one wants to charge less than a dollar on their credit card. Once you have found a good price click Review Project.

Step Thirteen

You have hit the home stretch! All you need to do is make sure it is all correct. Go through and make sure all your setting are correct and fix anything you might need to by going back to that step and repeating the process as necessary. There should not be anything to fix, but you never know, not to mention you want to make sure your first book release is the best it can be. I encourage you to click the Download and Review button to make sure it is all correct. Do not forget to make sure the Availability is set to general access so everyone can see your new book! Once you have judged it all set click the Save and Finish Button.

Step Fourteen

You will then be taken to a finished screen where you can click the View My Projects link to go to your projects.

Step Fifteen

You are DONE! Congratulations! You have just been published. Now go order a bunch of copies for all your relatives, I am sure you know how to shop online! Also, be sure to tell as many people as you can to go see for themselves that you’re published at NAME HERE

More advice on how to market your book will dictated by the demand, so...if you ask for it...then you'll get it otherwise I'll assume no one reads this, or you don't need marketing help. Drop me a line at with any questions comments, or if you want me to post how to market your Book. Do not forget about the free advertising I offer on my website

Overall Tips & Warnings

* In regards to the editing process, it is a general rule that you do not share your first draft with anyone. Now this is not etched in stone, but it is usually for the best since the first draft is usually not your best work. I find my first drafts to be mostly an attempt to get my story out and the succeeding drafts are the part where my story really gets its life. In addition, it is usual practice to have at least three drafts before you judge it done this way you can have several chances to correct errors. Finally it is not super important that you get a peer to read it, it can be helpful, but if you do not have anyone, do not worry about it.

* I found that through experience you could also use a pen name when registering with, although I am not sure they would much like you to do that.

* Making sure you do not go back while you are writing your first draft is PARAMOUNT. You must not go back no matter what. You will have the urge to change and delete a lot, but you must ignore it for now because it is natural to dislike what you write at first, but you need to get away from it for a little while to give yourself time to think and digest.

* I should mention that LuLu gets supports itself by taking a small cut of your sale, and factoring in the cost of production into the price of each book, which will ultimately decide the price.

* I wouldn't recommend publishing a hardcover book because they make the price of the book much more than most people will be willing to pay for a first time author, save that for when you land your publishing contract.


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