Small Ways to Save Big Bucks Right Now!

By: Cyndi Roberts

Here are a few simple ideas that sound small, but will
really help you save big bucks with a minimum of effort.

1. Bring your lunch instead of eating out. If you spend $5.00
every day on your lunch and you brown bag it only 3 days a week,
you will save $15.00 per week. That's $60.00 per month!

2. Do you take a break every morning and afternoon at work and pop
your change into a soft-drink machine! Buy your canned drinks at
the grocery store and bring to work. I buy brand name soft drinks
on sale at 22 cents each. At work, the machine charges 50 cents.
That's a big savings!
If you buy generic soft drinks the savings would be even greater.

Or you could just drink water--big savings plus it's good for you!

3. If you love to read, don't run out and buy that new bestseller,
check your local library.

If they don't have it, ask. Most
libraries are part of inter-library loan programs and can get almost
any book.

4. Do all your laundry in cold water. Research shows that clothes
will get just as clean. Then air-dry as many loads as you can.
Air-drying means less wear on your clothing, plus you can save as
much as $20 per month on your electric bill because heat-generating
appliances are the biggest guzzlers of electricity.

5. Make one meat-less meal per week. Replace meat with lower-
costing vegetables, a pasta dish, or maybe an omelette. This
can be a healthful change, also.

6. Pump your own gas, instead of paying a higher price at a
full-service station.

7. And speaking of cars, be sure to maintain correct tire pressure,
to get maximum mileage. And change your oil and filter every
5,000 miles. Proper maintenance can mean fewer repair bills and
longer lasting cars.

8. Consider changing to fluorescent lighting in your house. They
use less energy last 10 times as long and produce less heat.

9. At the grocery store, consider buying store brands or generic
products. The savings can be pretty big on items like shampoo,
conditioner, cake mxes, even milk. I have found the quality to be
comparable. If you don't like a particular store brand you don't
have to buy it again. But at least try it, you might like it!

10. Don't let your faucets drip. A leaky hot-water faucet can
waste up to a whopping 800 gallons of hot water in a year!


There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of
improvingArticle Submission, and that's your own self.
--Aldous Huxley

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