Do you have what it takes to become successful?

For some people success comes naturally and for
others it seems to forever be an uphill battle.

I believe to be successful you need to have a
successful mindset.

How I turned my life around in a very short
period of time by changing my mindset to a
millionaire mindset and how it changed my life.

Firstly the movie 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne
was the motivating factor that kicked me back
into reality. If you have not seen it I highly
recommend viewing it.

Now I realise there is a lot of people out there
who believe it is a lot of hocus pocus and fairy
fluff. And I totally understand coming from a
communications and marketing background that the
information in the movie is nothing new and that
it has been very cleverly marketed to the

But what I also understand is the key information
that can be derived from this movie is what the
successful people in this world have known all
along and that is what I took away from the movie.

You are your own destiny. You are not a product
of your past, your parents past or your present
situation. You are whatever it is you truly want
to be. If you want something so bad that it
hurts, you are prepared to work so hard focus and
set goals to achieve it, then you WILL attract
into your life situations, people and
opportunities to make it happen. And that is the
message I got from the movie "The Secret".

Once I realised I was in charge of my own destiny
and that noone else was responsible for my
current reality but me, then I started to change.

I created a business inspired by the movie 'The
Secret' to help myself and others create their
dream life. To do that I needed to start being
grateful each day for all the wonderful things I
had in my life. It is amazing when you stop to
smell the roses how you really learn to
appreciate how well you are actually doing.

So I designed a Gratitude Journal plus a Law of
Attraction Workbook and I write in them every day.
These books keep me focused on my goals and also
helps me to appreciate what I have already
achieved , and I am about to achieve in my life.

To be successful you have to know what you are
passionate about. What it is in life that you
want more than anything else in the world. Once
you combine passion, determination and positive
energy to something that you really want there is
no stopping it becoming a reality. Trust me my
world has gone from spiralling downwards and out
of control to rising faster than a space shuttle
launching into space within 6 mths.

So my advice to those who want to change their
direction in life (it is never too late, gosh I
am 42) you can do it at any time. Is to step back,
get yourself a gratitude journal and figure out
what it is you really want in your life.

If you don't change your mindset from the current
one you have then you will continue to find
success a long road. That does not mean you will
not be successful, but it will be a struggle.

Once I started to change from a poverty
consciousness "poor old me, it is everyones fault
I am in this mess" type of person, to one that
purely focuses on what I want and setting goals
on how I am going to achieve it. My world changed

I have created a very successful business within
6 mths, met someone purely by chance on the
internet who asked me to create a workbook for
one of the Teachers from the movie 'The Secret'
John F Demartini (that was a big WOW). I won a
share in 4 racehorses which have already won 3
races. I am just about to launch a journal for
women diagnosed which breast cancer which will
increase my business globally and my Network
Marketing Business is just taking off.

Another tip that I have found that works for me
is to live as if you are already there. I found
that this is a tip given by many of the
successful mentors. I own a property in the most
expensive suburb in Australia. It is not my dream
home but it is a start. To be successful it helps
to mix and network with successful people. Most
of our friends live in Million Dollar homes. Most
weekends I go realestate shopping in the million
dollar homes creating the million dollar mindset
of owning one within 12 mths. I have found the
more you socialise with people you aspire to be,
the quicker situations are attracted to you that
will make that aspiration become a reality.

Be the person you really aspire to be, shoot for
the stars and live the life you have always
dreamed of. And if you are hanging around with
people who are dream stealers, pessimists,
negative people who are telling you to 'get real',
then it is time to move into a new network of
positive people who are aspiring for the same
dreams as you. You will be amazed at how quickly
your life will change for the better.

You have nothing to lose and so so so much to
gain by just changing your mindset and having a

I dared to dream..... and success was my reward.
If I can do it anyone can.

To your success.

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