Proven Income Opportunity Success Stories

By: duttondl
There are alot of scams out there claiming
that they have a proven income opportunity.
I totally agree.

However, when I was doing research for my
first book Internet Empires Volume 1,I came
across some amazing success stories of people
who started looking online for some way to attain
financial freedom and found out there are ways to
actually make money from their passion.

I am going to share a few pieces of my book so
proove to you that you can find a proven income
opportunity online or offline for that matter.

The Bankrupt Networker

This story is about a guy named James from Michigan
who at a very young age had to file bankruptcy while
already owning an online business.

James overcame alot and he ended up creating simple system called IBuzzIncome which allowed people to make money online without having to go through a huge learning curve.

I ended up becoming friends with James after my interview and I know his system is a proven income opportunity.

The North Carolina Farm Boy

This is an awesome story how a guy named Willie
who grew up on on a farm in North Carolina dirt poor
and later went on to make $250,000 per year online.

What is so neat about this story is how he makes money online.He took a passion of his which is soul food and turned it into a residual income stream that pumps out
money each and every month.

He created a cookbook which is always a proven income opportunity since people love to eat.An interesting fact about Willie is that his family was so poor that
he didn't even get to taste a piece of steak until the age of 14.I can promise you he can afford steak now.

Use Willie's story as an example and brainstorm a book,video,CD or some piece of information and go make money with it.We all have life experience that we can draw from.

Let's say you have homeschooled your kids all the way until college.I know people would pay to learn tips and techniques from you on how to raise kids in a homeschooled enviroment.

Alright, let's say you are great at archery.You could take your experience and video tape yourself giving tips and techniques away as well.You then turn around
and sell the dvd.Make sense?

Everyone has life experience they can turn into a proven income opportunity.

The Juggling Professor

I first heard about Jim, a college professor from Kentucky while doing research on a popular piece of software called Sitebuildit.

At first, you wouldn't think what I am about to tell you would be a proven income opportunity, however, Jim
makes $97,000 per year selling juggling supplies online.

You heard me right.Juggling supplies.Jim built out a site around a topic he was passionate about,juggling, and learned how to turn it into a proven money maker.

The Missle Silo Ace

This story is abit different.I heard about a guy named Don from Texas a while back.He is known as "The Big Ticket Ace".Don was working as a consultant until he got laid off from work.He then discovered Ebay and began selling household items on ebay for extra cash.

He then stumbled across a missle silo that one of his family members got when they purchased a plot of land.This is and actual missle silo.

Don, decided to put it on Ebay and sell it.He eventually found a buyer but at the last minute the deal fell through.

However, Don knew he was onto something selling big ticket items.He now makes a very good living selling big ticket items on ebay and with the recognition he has received, has become a best selling author as well.

This story is about turning lemons into lemonade.What can you do to come up with your own proven income opportunity?

Here is how I come up with ideas to make extra money.

I take a look at my current assets first.When I say assets, I am referring to contacts I have, money that I have access to as well as skills I know I am good at.

Once you are armed with that information, you can begin to brainstorm money making opportunities.

There are tons of ways to make money online and off.
However, they may not be right for you.You may find out after reading this article that you have a proven income opportunity already inside you.
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