New Viral Tactic: Cause Marketing

By: Joe Bingham

Once again, I've discovered a NEW marketing technique. We'll
call it 'Cause Marketing'.

It's a very simple concept really, pick out your favorite 'cause' that
you can rally people behind, say for instance the fight against the
use of Smart Tags.

Then, you set up a web site with text running down
the evils of the Smart Tags you are fighting against. In the sales
copy, er, uh, I mean, text on your site, you infuriate
people against the evils of big business, such as Microsoft, and
against another terrible aspect of society like say Communist or
Dictatorship governments that dare to censor their citizens access
to parts of the Internet.

Now, after really working up people against these things, you
declare that you will launch a massive media campaign aimed at
stopping these horrific practices.

The kicker, of course, is that you need a way to collect names and
email addresses from this site.

One good way to
do this could be to ask visitors to sign a petition. Naturally, you
will deliver the petition as promised, but what you will also do is
ask visitors to sign up on your marketing ezine's list at the same
time they are signing the petition.

Of course, you won't do this by requiring them to fill in their name
and email again for the separate list, but instead you will just have
two already checked boxes. The first box pertains to the petition,
and the next to the subscription to your ezine.

The logic being that who, after reading about how you are taking
on big business, censorship, and all other manner of evil, will not
want to subscribe to your ezine?

Doesn't that sound like an incredible idea? Aren't you glad I am
able to illustrate these new concepts for you?

Of course, there is an outside chance that if you undertake this kind
of 'Cause Marketing' that a cynical ezine writer will take hold of
your concept and devote an entire article to making fun of you.

Of course, nothing is more important than gleaning names and
email addresses for your business, right?

Who cares that some may view asking for people to subscribe to a
marketing ezine from a site as tacky?

Who cares that the only 'massive media' campaign you will be
running will be to get people to your petition site so they can
subscribe to your marketing ezine so you can in turn get more hits
to your web site.

I mean, heyFree Articles, you're fighting against people that are using illicit
means of gaining traffic to their web site. You are the good guy!


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