A Marketers Minefield - Why The Fraudsters Are Targeting You.

By: Emily Robinson

They want your talent, your network and most of all, they want
your marketing capabilities. Fraud. It's the crime of the times,
so what does that have to do with you?

The United States continues to be plagued as the investment
fraud capital of the world. Savvy network marketers and
MLM'ers continue to be caught in the under currents of the
investment fraudsters wave. Have no doubt in your mind –
these people are pros. They are charming, charismatic,
intelligent and very 'likeable'.... that is until you realize what
they have done to you.

Network marketers and MLM'ers are being targeted by these
Pros in order to market and sell their financially appealing
'opportunities'. Investment opportunities in FOREX trades, High
Yield Investments, Trading Programs, Promissory Notes and
Certificates of Deposit - all "secured" and guaranteed" at no
risk to the potential investor. They seek the more liberated
audiences, the risk takers, those on the free enterprise path,
those in search of financial independence.

They want you to get out there and spread the magic. So you do.
I mean after all, they were offering huge commission checks,
and you are not adverse to some free thinking and non-regulated
investment - the commissions alone would set you and your
family up for life.

This is it, this is the one... the opportunity you
have been waiting for. You knew that if you kept on working hard,
the right opportunity would come your way. And here it is,
at last...

It is because you are so good at what you do that you have been
targeted to play in their game. They need someone who can
really sell, some worker bee's to go and generate more honey
for them. Everything looks in order, they have the flashy car, the
money and a $5,000 suit to match. They also say they have the
contacts in the financial world that everyone wants to know.

There are a multitude of ways they will drag you in, all
involve substantial financial reward for you... don't be tempted.
Check them out, see who they are, at the very least run a
background check on them... do they come from where they say
they come from? Follow up on those stories they told you, and
put together the inconguencies for yourself. Keep an open mind.

And most of all be prepared for their answers. They have
answers, for everything. They'll tell you that you are too
suspicious, 'do you know how lucky you are to be a part of this?
It's only open to a select few'. If you start to bang the drum too loudly, they'll kick you out of their set-up...You're too much

Being alert and listening to your instincts, those nagging doubts,
can save you immeasurable heartache down the road.
The reality is that these people will create a whirlwind, gather
the money and disappear. They leave you to face the FBI,
the civil suits, the angry investors who have lost their entire
savings. You even got your parents to invest their 401k, and
they lost it all... and you, well not only do you suffer the financial
devastation of being looped by the con, your reputation is mud
and the network you have cultivated over many years no longer
trusts you. You end up in the marketers graveyard.

Be alert, check them out and follow up... then confront them with
your findings. Most of all, listen and really "hear" the answer.
You are investing in yourselfArticle Search, and your future...
don't see what you want to see - see it as it is.

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