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By: Sacha Tarkovsky

If you want some good FOREX education to help you build and execute a trading method the good news is you don't have to buy a worthless e-book from a vendor ( with no real time results ) you can get all the info you need free.

Here are some tips on the best FREE FOREX education.

You Need a PROVEN method

This should be technically based.

All you need to do is search technical "analysis of FOREX markets" and "support and resistance" and you will find everything you need.

Once you have done this, you need a methodology to trade with.

The simplest method to understand is:

A breakout methodology search "FOREX Breakouts"

Once you understand the above, you will need to decide if breakouts are valid.

You need to calculate price momentum i.e. is it failing at a breakout, or is it accelerating?

The former indicates resistance or support will hold, the latter it will fail and a breakout occur.

Get a good free chart service like

Pull up the charts on the indicators and look at the studies at the bottom.

There are three that we find useful and you will to - look up their logic and try using them in conjunction with support and resistance.

Price momentum indicators that are good are:

Relative Strength Index RSI and the ultimate indicator for timing trades: The Stochastic.

We also like Bollinger bands for targets and to see volatility

Look up the logic of both. Using these in association with support and resistance is a great way to trade.

Other useful indicators to look at are: Moving averages, MACD and the ADX

Breakouts trading them for profit

It's a fact that most major moves start from new market highs NOT market lows and that is why a breakout method is so effective.

To check if a breakout will fail or break you simply need to get some momentum indicators to gauge strength of price.

We like the stochastic and RSI, But indicators used are matter of preference.

The above may sound simple and it is - the best methods are.

You don't make money in FOREX trading for being clever you get paid for being right.

There is no correlation between how complicated a method is and how successful it will be.

In fact, simple methods are best and you should focus your FOREX education on them because:

They are easy to understand, easy to apply and more robust in the face of brutal market conditions.


We have used a simple system and demonstrated how profitable it can be in numerous articles and we have applied the above tools to spot big moves - check them out.

Before you

Waste money on a worthless e-book from a vendor who has simply put together a system with a simulation of profits (he is probably no smarter than you), take a few hours to research and build your own method.

Keep in mind only you can make yourself successful and if you think you can buy success for $100 or so - think again!

If you do the above, you will have something that you can have confidence in and apply with discipline for profits.

One final point:

When trading breakouts only trade ones that are significant i.e. on weekly and daily charts (forget day trading it doesn't work)

If you trade only the best breakouts and trade with momentum you will have huge profit potential.

Finally, have patience and only trade the best set ups.

That's it.

Research the above FREE FOREX education, build and test your method and then go and make some profits!

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