How To Grow Your Career in 2005

By: Stephanie Yeh

by Stephanie Yeh

With Christmas just a few days away, there's no better time to
rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself for 2005. If you've got a
few days off from work, it's also the perfect time to think about
how you can grow your career in '05.

When you work for someone else, it can seem like you have very
little control over your career, but you actually have more
control than you think. Here are five steps you can take to
increase your visibility within your company and expand your
career options:

MAKE TRACKS: To find out how you can really shine you need to
find out as much as you can about all areas of your company. Make
tracks and talk to as many different people as you can. Find out
what's going in different departments, what's working, and who's
in charge. Attend as many company functions as you can. Actively
listen to what people have to say, even if they disagree with
you. In the process, you'll learn a lot, get inspired by new
ideas, and develop more confidence.

SET QUICK START TARGETS: Set your sights on achieving from short
term goals that will really boost your career in the New Year.

Just the act of setting your intention will galvanize you to get
moving. Do you want a raise? Different working conditions? To
complete a project? To gather the courage to present a new idea
you've been working on? To get more comfortable with
your-coworkers? Pick two or three goals that you can achieve in
the first quarter of '05.

LOOK FOR OTHER STARS: As you move around your organization, look
for other rising stars-you may want them as part of your team
someday soon. Look for people who have unique talents that
complement your own, people whose strengths might help you
achieve your goals. Get to know those people and find out what
they are interested in. If their interests align with or
complement your own, add them to an index rising stars that you
want to keep in touch with.

CREATE A NETWORK: Even if someone you meet isn't a rising star,
they may still be a valuable part of your company network. You
need to maintain contact with every part of your company, even if
it's not closely related to your work. Bosses look for
well-rounded people who have deep and broad knowledge of their
companies. Add to your network everywhere you go. Listen deeply
to what every person in your network has to say. Even if that
information doesn't mean anything to you now, you never know when
it might become the answer you're looking for.

CROSS POLLINATE: It's easy to get stale at work, especially if
you've been in the same position for a while. To avoid tunnel
vision and access fresh ideas, look outside your industry. One
clever employee suggested applying the timeshare principle
employed by corporate jet leasing companies to his company's
consulting teams. The result? A new strategy for his company and
a promotion for him.

If you want to grow your career in 2005, get it off to a fast
start with these five tips-and get noticed! Implementing these
five strategies can take less than a couple hours per weekFree Web Content, and
can result in your career blooming in totally unexpected (and
pleasing!) ways.

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