Auto-Pilot Link Building Strategy for Content-Sites

By: Iszuddin Ismail

OK, this is what I consider a very effective method to get people to link to you without you having to ask them to do so. The best part is that, people will link to you for your most targeted keyword.

I happen to discover this method after seeing the results that I get on one of my website. I don't have any particular reason for doing it that way on my website, but it seems to work like magic.

Sometimes, I search for people who are linking to me by looking at my referrers. You can also do that by checking your website statistics.

Sometimes, I do a link popularity check at

And to my surprise, I realized that when I visited those websites, they are linking to me using my most targeted keywords.

My Keyword

That is how people are linking to me. And the result, I am ranked number 1 against 2 million websites on Yahoo and MSN. And this is for a keyword that has about 2000 searches per month.

But just how do you go about doing this?

You are about to know the little-known-secret-steps to getting more link partners with your most targeted keyword.

But before I go into that, I just would like to make some statements about this method.

Some people may like this method and some might not. There are pros and cons. I don't really know if this will suit well for business or corporate websites. All these while, I have only used them for content-sites promoting affiliate programs and Adsense, which is I think is most suitable.

If you are thinking about building a passive income with Adsense and affiliate programs, then you should read this.

First, you should do a keyword analysis. You can use WordTracker or Overture Keyword Selector Tool.

After having your list of keywords, you can compare that to the number of competitions that you against with on Google.

By comparing the numbers, you know which is easier to optimize for. And you can also try checking the popular keywords at Search Guild Search Term Difficult Checker.

Another tool that you can use is

Don't get trapped into the analysis-paralysis zone. Just follow the indicators and look for the most popular and the easiest keyword that you can rank for.

I know that you want to rank for more than one keyword, but just follow me on this and select one keyword that has high in traffic and easy to optimize for.

Now, here's the secret number one. You are going to name your website with that keyword. If your best keyword is "Growing Orchids", then that's is going to be your website's name.

Here's secret number two. Get a domain that has that keyword in it. If you can't get "" or "", you can try the dot-net (.net). And if you still can't get the dot-net, you can add some numbers in front of the keyword like "". You should be able to get either one of those.

Here's secret number three. In every page of you website, use the keyword in your . For your main page, you should have something like this.

Growing Orchids - Definitive Guide To Orchid Growing and Care

And on other pages, you can have something like this.

Growing Orchids - Dendrium Orchids

Growing Orchids - Ochid Diseases

Growing Orchids - Watering Ochids

Growing Orchids - Lighting for Orchids

The examples above is where you combine the first keyword with another keyword that you are targeting specifically for that page.

Secret number four is optional. Sometimes it still works without the next step. But implementing secret number four will put your website on steroid in your link building effort.

Here's secret number four. You should install a reciprocal link script. This is a script where people can submit their link to you after linking to your website. The link will take care of checking the link from the other person's website and putting a link back to your new link partner.

And now, this is secret number five. You should have a link that says "Add URL" or "Add Link" to your link script. There times when people will search the web for something like this.

growing orchids "add link"

growing orchids "add url"

These people are looking for your website. By putting the link "Add Link" or "Add URL", you are telling the search engine that you have a link page. This way, link partners can find you more easily.

Of course, you can always do this manually. But that will beats the purpose of trying to make everything autopilot. And once in a while, you can check and see where you website links to. If you want to remove any, just do so.

Now, what is the result of all these? Well, by naming your website with the targeted keyword and having a domain name using that keyword, link partners have no options but to link to your website using that keyword.

And since the keyword is your website's name, there's nothing wrong with having the name of your website on all pages.

Some people might just link to you without you even asking. And most of the times, they would link to you using the text you use in the . When that happens, you are still linked with your most targeted keyword.

If you rank well later in the search engines, you can aslo expect to get links from websites built using Traffic Equalizer or Traffic Hurricane.

No matter which page they link to, they will always link to you using your most targeted keyword - "Growing Orchids". And at the same time, you are still targeting your secondary keywords like "orchid diseases", "orchid care" or "orchid greenhouse" because you have that in the as well.

I have been using this method and it works pretty well for me. I am sure people will have their opinion on this whether this is good or this is bad. Some people don't like it not having control over who links to them. But I guess, it boils down to you. It's your choice.

For me, this is great for content-sites working with Adsense and affiliate progams. This is the method that I use on my computer case website, airsoft website and my paintball website.

You can give this a try and see how thing goes.

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