No More Ugly Houses; How to Buy Real Estate Now

By: Lance T. Walker

If you've ever seen a late-night infomercial
featuring Carleton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki,
or many others, you know that huge fortunes
are being made every day in the real estate
investing business.

What you may not know, however, is that many of
those fortunes are being made by people with no
cash or credit of their own. And many investors
never have to deal with destructive tenants,
rehabbing ugly houses, or going into bad

They know the most crucial secret in real estate:
how to get sellers to let you buy nice properties,
for thousands of dollars less than their true value.

Makes sense, doesn't it? The basic foundation of
any business is being able to buy low and sell high.
Buy below market value, sell at market value or
higher. One highly successful investor even teaches
his students to "buy wholesale, or don't buy at all."

But that's not what most aspiring real estate wealth
builders do, is it! Especially if they're in a hot
market, or relatively new to the game. Instead, what
happens is they often become more anxious to buy a
particular property than the seller is to sell it!

As a result, they either pay too much and lose all
their potential profit, or they get scared and wind
up not buying at all.

It doesn't have to be this way!

No matter how slow or how hot the market may be
where you are, there are always lots of people
who will sell you their homes for much less than
they're actually worth.

Why? Sometimes they're desperate. Sometimes
they're cash hungry, or no longer care about the
property. Sometimes they just know it would be a
good financial move for them to make. But whatever
the reason,

You DON'T have to deal with tenants.
You DON'T have to buy and fix up some broken-down
shack in a bad part of town.

There are people in your area right now who will
sell you a pretty home, in move-in condition, in
a nice neighborhood, for much less than it's
really worth.

They don't care how much money you make on the
deal. In fact, they know you're in business to
make a profit - a nice profit - and they're
willing to help you do just that!

But I'll tell you a secret; you will almost never
find them in the places most people look!

Most investors never find the mysterious "motivated
seller", simply because they're looking in all the
wrong places!

Beating the competition to the punch takes a change
in your mindset. Once you know where to look, you
can find great deals every day that the realtors
and other investors didn't even know were available.

You have to be willing to look for sellers, instead
of looking for properties. This is a subtle shift in
thinking, but one that most of your competitors will
be unable, or unwilling, to make.

One thing's for sure, though; it's worth it to make
the shift. In many cases, all it takes is one good
deal to make your year. By eliminating the rehabbing
stage, you can concentrate on finding more deals -
and bigger ones at that.

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