Childrens Birthday Party Locations

By: Ellen M. Zucker

While most children’s birthday parties are held at home, you
may want to consider an offsite location.

For starters, you won't have to be concerned about the
current state of order and tidiness of your house. Plus,
using the cultural and recreational resources of the
community will broaden your child’s horizons and introduce
him or her to some wonderful experiences.

Ask your child what she would like. Usually the party theme
will reflect her interests, hobbies or sports.

Here are some ideas to jumpstart your creativity.

If your child loves sharks, what better place to be than the
local aquarium where he can see sharks up close and

Then, there’s the zoo, if he or she loves elephants and
wants a jungle theme. Or maybe the local museum of natural

Local history museums can make history real.

The local art museum is a great place for the budding
artist, a concert for the budding musician, the planetarium
for the budding astronomer... you get the idea.

The best part is that many such institutions have activities
designed especially for children.


There are entire institutions, like the Please Touch Museum
in Philadelphia, designed for children.

Other cool ideas:

Have a Pottery party: Facilities have opened up that allow
you to paint on pottery. When you are finished, the staff
will put it into a kiln for you. Most will host parties and
many have special children's birthday party packages.

A Day of Beauty: Recently, our local newspaper had an
article about the popularity of makeovers as a party idea
for preteens. Mom arranges with a local beauty school or
beauty salon to have the group come in for an afternoon,
where they have the run of the place.

Roller skating rinks have packages where you can rent the
use of a private room for an hour to enjoy light
refreshments and cake. Then they are free to enjoy the
facility. Keep in mind that rinks are very strict about

Ice skaters might enjoy a trip to the ice rink.

Facilities like Chuck E. Cheese cater to birthday parties
for young children.

A group of girls may enjoy a luncheon in a neighborhood
Chinese restaurant.

Little Ladies’ Tea Party: Many hotels will host teas. And
they are happy to accommodate children. The kids can dress
up and be princesses for the day. Many invite their favorite
stuffed animals to the festivities and they can get
important lessons in etiquette.

In the summer, you may want to use your back yard for your
children's birthday party. But if you don't have a large
yard or you don’t wish the event to be held there, check out
neighborhood parks and playgrounds. Many will allow you to
reserve a pavilion.

Where else can you go for ideas?

Try your city or town’s local visitor or welcome center.
Another source is the local library – especially the
children’s department. These days, the internet is an
invaluable resource. Local newspapers and magazines often
have sections that feature local events and activities.
Last, but not leastFree Articles, there is always word of mouth.


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