What Do I Name My Child?

By: Davidbostwick
A poorly named child can be traumatized for their entire lives. A wrong name, like in the song by Johnny Cash, A Boy Named Sue can be dreadful. Sue was given the girl's name to toughen him up by an absentee father.

Would Sue have made the same choice if he had the opportunity? Possibly but most probably not. I have on occassion thought that a child should be able to pick his or her own name regardless. Can you imagine sleeping baby Kid Rock or would napping baby Scary Spice?

When my son was born I was accosted by administrative type right when my wife was leaving the labor room. I had forgotten what we wanted to name him and I was in a fright. My wife was still on goofy juice. She thought that he would have to make his way through life nameless.

Some parents have gone crazy naming their children names so unique that they make no sense at all, except to them. They claim that the googleability of their child's name may become VERY relevant when they being job hunting. Do ya think that this is a little obsessive? Dah!

Give it thought. Verify that the name will not turn people off or has some other connotations that will follow the infant. An odd name will surely cause many unforeseen problems for a young adult. A well known musician named is children Moon Unit and Dweezil. What fuss do you think that can cause?

A person's name should also be easy. Simply stated, it needs to be easy for others to spell and pronounce. Learning to spell English is hard enough because of the awkward spellings. Use a J for a J sound and not a G. This is your opportunity to make a good decision. Decide well.

You may have a big family. Naming your baby will surely cause some upheaval by offending someone. Great Aunt Whatchamacallit was holding out for someone to name their baby after her before she died. Do not succumb to the pressure. Name the infant what you want.

In truth name your child something that fits - fits for you. Ask advice for anyone you care to but in the end it is what you think that matters. Do you really want to shout from the backyard window at dusk -- Optimus Prime get in here and do your homework? In the end it is whatever helps your baby sleep through the night now isn't it?