Keeping your Children Safe at Home

By: Leon Edward

There are lots of people who find that their children are safe once they are

home, however, you will find that they aren't. Today, there are new ways for

the harm to get into your home and the personal computer is just one of the

ways. You will find that there are people who will try to get young teens

away from home so that they can meet and take them away from their family


Many of these online predators are people who have had previous sexual

criminal behavior. You will want to keep in mind that there are local sex

offenders in your area, and you can find them when you go online. They are

required to sign on with the local police under Meagan's law. The police will

counsel them, but you will want to think about all of those who live in the

area that have not been convicted, but still pry on the young. Before you

even begin to show the family the benefits of the net, you need to educate

them on the harm of the net.

You can't protect your children from all of the dangers of the world, but you

will find that if you just take the time to set down with them and talk to

them about all the dangers of the net, then you will be able to feel

unassailable when they are online.

You will not only want to talk to your children about the predators that are

online, but you will also want to talk to your children about some of the

things that they are known to do. Tell them about how harmful the predators

can be and how they can affect you. Make sure that you take inconsideration

how they work too.

These people will try to make and so on trust them very quickly and that is

why you will not want to have your guard down. You have to also tell them

that they should not talk to strangers because you never know what will come

from being that open.

You will want to protect your family before there is

any harm. You will want to make sure that you take inconsideration of where

the computer is too.

You will want to have the computer in a room that everyone can go into. This

is because it will not give your teens or young children privacy. They will

not be able to talk to and on and on without your data base. Also, when it

comes to instant messages, you will want to make sure that there is a sound

alert when someone sends one and that your speaker is turned up so that when

you aren't in the room, that you are able to hear what they are doing. Then

you will want to poke your head in every now and then to see the topic of


You will find that there are many dangers in the world, but you will also

want to think about all the dangers of your home. It is not just the cleaning

products could be harmful to your family, but your children could be at risk

when it comes to the use of the Internet. You do not want to have a predator

come in your home and you need to take some steps on how you can keep them

away from your child.

The first step is that you need to talk to your child. Tell them about the

dangers of outsiders online and offline. You do not want to have your child

to trust someone so much that they give out the personal information. Tell

them that you will monitor the emails and txt messages that are received for

their own good and not because you don't trust your child. You will want to

tell your child that it is your job to keep them safe from strangers and the

dangers that the internet brings into your home.

Secondly, you will want to keep your word. You will want to block all sites

that your child may run into that you would not want them to see. You can do

this by getting parental software or through the tools of your National

information infrastructure services. You will also want to get monitoring

software so that you know exactly what your child is doing and when.

Then you will want to be active in their life. You will notice that most

teens that go missing or put themselves at risk is considering they are

looking for attention and affection. If you simply take the time to make your

child feel important and wanted, then you will be able to make a difference

in the way that your child feels and they will not dare try to connect with

someone offline.

In addition, as a parent, you have a right to know what they are doing. You

will want to place the PC in a room that you can come in and out of. Also,

when you pass the microcomputer, try to scan the words on the screen so that

you know exactly what they are looking up and then look at the status bar and

see what applications are open and the titles of such applicationsScience Articles, so that

you can see what they are legitimately doing.

These are just a few suggestions. You may want to take things a step further

and make the net something that is restricted seriously. You will want to

make sure that you take the time to keep the predators out of your home. You

may find that all you have to do is show some interest in your child and they

will never have a reason to turn to these online predators for attention and


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