Housecleaning Tips For The Kitchen and Bathroom

By: Allan Wilson

Your kitchen gets used every day. Without maintaining small messes, you can have a big cleaning job every day. This next set of tips will help you keep your kitchen clean and manageable.


Here's a good shortcut to cleaning your microwave: Fill up a cup of water and put it in there on high for a few minutes. The steam from the cup will loosen any stuck-on food, and then you can just wipe it away.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has many practical uses, especially in the kitchen. Here are a few ideas:

Put an open box in your fridge and freezer to eliminate odors and bad tastes.
Sprinkle some in the bottom of your trashcans.
Sprinkle some down your drain and garbage disposal to eliminate odors.


Cleaning your fridge can be a big job, but here are a few tips to make it a bit easier:

Toss out any bad food.
Start with wiping down the top shelves and work down.
Baking soda and water make a great cleaner and wont leave your fridge smelling like harsh cleanser.
After you wipe out the crispers, line them with paper towels for easier cleaning next time.

Washing Dishes

Washing dishes can really be overwhelming. Here are some tips to make this grueling task a bit easier:

Invest in a scrubber that you can put soap in the handle. This way you can wash as you go, eliminating huge piles of dirty dishes.
Soak all dishes that have dried on food. This lets you use less elbow grease.
Wash in groups: silverware, glasses, bowls, plates, pots and pans.

Wipe Down

After the dishes are done and put away, don't forget the wipe-down. This makes your kitchen have that extra clean look. When you're wiping down, don't forget:

Counter tops
Cupboard doors

Sweep and Mop

The very last thing you need to clean in your kitchen is the floor. There are lots of brooms and mops on the market these days. Make sure to use a broom and mop that best fit the needs of your floor.

Cleaning the bathroom is something that nobody likes to do. Unfortunately, it needs to be done, not only to make it look better, but to eliminate germs that can cause illness. Below you'll find a few tips to make cleaning your bathroom more effective and easy.


Cleaning the toilet is a grueling job, but fortunately, it can be done fast. Here are a few steps to follow to get it done quickly:

1st-Pour some cleaner in the bowl to soak.
2nd-Wipe down the seat and outside of the bowl with an antibacterial wipe or spray cleaner.
3rd-Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush.
4th-Wipe down everything again with a dry cloth to make it shine.


Mirrors can be very tricky to clean because if you don't have the right tools, they can look worse than before you started. Make sure you use glass cleaner (usually blue) or vinegar, and use paper towels or newspaper to wipe them (not cloth as it will leave residue).


Bathtubs can be awkward to clean, because there are many hard-to-reach places. Here are a few things that may help:

Use a cleanser that will foam or bubble. This allows you to soak your tub or shower, even if it's a vertical wall.

Shop around for a tub scrubber that fits your needs. Whether it's a long-handled one or an extra firm one, pick a scrubber that will be easiest for you to use.
As mentioned earlier, spraying the tub or shower down after each use can make deep cleaning easier.

Wipe Down the Bathroom Sink

Wiping down the sink and counter is easier if you first fill the sink with hot soapy water. Keep dipping your washcloth or sponge into it until everything is clean. Don't forget to dry everything so it'll really sparkle.

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