Is Your Bathroom Going Down the Drain?

By: Janet L. Hall

Is Your Bathroom Going Down the Drain?
By: Janet L. Hall

As you and I know, most bathrooms have limited space
and storage. Many of them are crammed with too much
stuff: a lotion or potion you used once, the shampoo and
conditioner samples collected while on travel, medicines
or other items used once or never finished using, towels
that have seen their day, and reading material and even
mail that just piles up and piles up, all the while
collecting dust and germs.

Your bathroom is a room in which you and others use on
a daily basis. The most private area in your home, yet a
busy room in which activities, such as baths, showers,
brushing hair and teeth, shaving, and using the toilet are
usually performed by yourself FOR yourself. Yet for
some it’s a place of refuge, hiding from the world, the
family, reading or just sitting on the "throne," thinking,
planning, or daydreaming. Your bathroom can be a place
of solitude where you can float away in a sea of bubbles;
meditating, planning, creating, listening to music, while
candlelight is reflected in the mirror dancing around the

We store and keep all kinds of things in our bathrooms:
from linens to tub toys, lotions to medicines, and even
books and magazines.

Oils, candles, matches, and lets
not forget the toilet paper. Unless you’ve remodeled or
designed your own bathroom-the standard bathroom in a
standard home usually only comes equipped with a small
medicine cabinet and maybe under the sink storage and
many don’t even provide this essential storage space.

Being disorganized or not having enough storage in your
bathroom can literally drain you of energy and patience
in the morning, evening, or anytime you enter into this
private space.

Below I've listed 10 tips on how you can gain more
storage (for more storage tips please see end of article).

First let's take a look at what you might be able to TOSS
or Let Go:

>>Make-up, hair products, lotions and medicines lose
their “power" over time. So toss out those you haven’t
used or seen in years. Some can contract bacteria and
could be dangerous.

>>Let go of seldom used nail polish and eye shadows.

>>Check expiration dates. If expired dispose of safely
and properly. Flush unused medicine down the toilet
(make sure it went DOWN in case you have little ones
wandering around) and break up containers that were
prescription, especially if they had a refill on label.

>>Look for products that have dried up or evaporated.

>>If you travel pre pack any duplicates in your suitcase.

>>Rusty razors, scissors or anything else that has become rusty-OUT.

10 Tools to Help You Gain More Storage:

1. Wall mounted cabinets
2. Carts on wheels
3. Hooks on back of door
4. Shower caddies
5. Dispensers
6. Coat rack – great for hanging towels and robes on
7. Cut and install straight magnet inside medicine cabinet
to hold tweezers scissors or other metal items
8. Small dishpans or crates
9. Mesh bags
10. Wall mount hair dryer, curling iron

Benefits of an Organized Bathroom:

>>Your money will stop going down the drain when you
know what you have on hand because you won’t go out
and buy duplicates.

>>You’ll be less stressed, especially in the morning
because you’ll know where everything is.

>>Clean up will be a snap with everything contained.

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