Job Or Lifeworks?

By: Judi Singleton

Job or life work
"Your employer may dictate every aspect of your work life, but no

matter what kind of job you do, you are the boss of your inner life."

We spend the largest portions of our lives at work or sleeping.
So more and more people are demanding that there is no division between
who they are at home and at work. No longer can people say I go to this

job to earn a living and I come home and I am a spiritual being.
Bringing the Higher Power into ordinary life is more important than it

ever has been. People can no longer divide themselves up and say I am

this here and that there.
Let us look for a moment at job addiction. Matthew Fox has recently

written a fine book on work, The Reinvention of Work. He indicates that

the difference between work and job addiction revolves around whether

the burdens that accompany our work are greater or lesser than the joy

that results from it. Fox then specifies three soul qualities that

comprise joy in work; delight, creativity, and transformation. Job

addiction lacks these three qualities.

Since work is such an important element of our lives that means that we

are supposed to find joy in our work as well.

A business that is

operated in awareness of universal principles is first acknowledges the

inseparability of the cosmic and the material aspects of life. It

integrates the two. It is cognizant of the truth that there is no

scarcity and thus no need for cut throat competition. It sees the value

in cooperation over competition.
Ask yourself some questions:
What in your life brings you joy?
Do you like to work alone or with others?
What kind of rewards do you need to feel your work is well done?
Will a change of attitude about work change the way you feel about
your work?
Will it take a change of work entirely to bring you joy?
When you find answers to some of these questions within you will be in

a better position to know what it is you want from your life work.
Looking within and knowing oneself is one of the first steps to finding
what you want to be doing as work in the world. Part of this seeking is

aligning oneself with their Higher Power each day.
How does one do this? By quieting the mind and seeking within the

answers to life's questions. Then taking what one learns out into

everyday life for meditation is but a waste of time if we do not take

Using the ideas of there is an abundance in this universe takes away

the fear and allows us to see that we do not have to compete or compare

ourselves to anyone else. There is enough for everyone. You may do the

same work as someone else but you will do it in your own unique way.
We must be what we ask for. What does this mean in the workplace it

means if we want respect, recognition, appreciation we must give these

things to others. By being all that you ask for you will create the

environment and relationships that you want in your work.

"The voyage of discovery lies not in finding new landscapesFree Articles, but in

having new eyes." Marcel Proust

Having the proper perspective is an important part of working. As we

perceive a thing to be is how it will be. In other words what we expect

from our work we will receive.

If we are living spiritual values throughout our lives work will just

be another place where we find Joy.

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