Dubai Times Meets Kulwant Singh

By: Rex Cabusao

Issue date: May 4, 2007

What are the new initiatives that Lama Group aims to put into place in the
Indian market?

Kulwant Singh: We want the travelers of India to travel with all
arrangements made prior to their travel to any destination, we want to give
them every service that they want on the tip of their fingers, we want them
to believe in the best services from a reliable operator , rather than
taking their chance to book services that available in limited, we want them
to reserve the best options for their services in advance rather then trying
their luck after reaching the destination and facing disappointments in the
last minute such as non availability or the last few left over services
without any choice.

2) How
do you analyze the Indian market and what trend do you predict in the near

Kulwant Singh: Indian market for travel is booming and the passion of
Indians for traveling is growing year after year, India is making a
remarkable mark on the world map and with its economic boom and awareness in
rural and urban areas with its wide spread of media, India will be one of
the largest economies in the future, and Dubai being at its tremendous
growth, I think both the nations can have many things to share, Dubai being
a close destination, potential from the Indian market will only increase.

3) What business strategy do you follow vi's-a-vis the Indian

Kulwant Singh: Indian market has a mix of every thing, It has the
potential to pay for the most expensive hotels, and there is also a mass market
which wants budget hotels...I think Dubai has all to offer, Dubai within next few
years will have double rooms inventory...which will cater to all the Needs of the
Indian market. Our strategy is to thrive and crate awareness in the Indian
market and keep on coming with new and attractive offers for the Indians. This
will keep us on the priority list of their destinations and also keep us intact
with their growing demands.

4) Are there new partners you intend to work with in India or
would you strengthen your old partnerships. If yes how?

Kulwant Singh: We are willing to work with new partners and they can be
unlimited, one cannot just restrict them selves with a handful of them but we
are here to retain our existing partners as well, our aim is to provide them
with the best and most reasonable deals so that they yearn to return again.

5) Which is an emerging business region in India for you and how
do you plan to leverage the same?

Kulwant Singh: The business from the Indian market have been rapid, and
the spread of this has been with the metro cities of India, but smaller cities
such as pune, Ahmedabad, Chandhigar have been showing an aggressive growth and
we want to captivate on such cities to add to our share.



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