Do you make these air travel mistakes ?

By: Neil Stelling

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"Do you make these air travel mistakes ?"

- by Neil Stelling B.Sc, MBA
- Marketing Manager, DigiLectual Inc.

? DigiLectual Inc. 2003


You're sitting at home thinking about tomorrow's plane
journey. Remember last time ? Remember how you felt when
you arrived ? Aggravated, stressed, hot, tired, needing a
couple of days to recover ? Did you make these mistakes ?

* Packed your luggage just before you left home.

Don't pack your bags a half hour before leaving. You know
those vital papers, that book you wanted to read, or even
your passport will mysteriously disappear at the last
minute. Always pack the night before, and you'll find
everything right there waiting !

* Arrived at the airport late.

There's no worse way to start your journey than sitting in
traffic a couple of miles from the airport, watching the
minutes tick by. Leave early. Expect a lot of traffic and
your journey will take extra time. Then you'll arrive at
the airport relaxed and near the front of the check-in

If you get your first choice of seat you'll feel
even better !

* Didn't prepare for the plane journey.

* Dehydrated - the air you breathe on a plane is very
dry. If you want to avoid dehydration bring a bottle of
water with you and sip on it during the journey.

* Air Sick - if you suffer from motion sickness, and
many people do, you can take precautions before you get on
the plane. It's too late when you've already started to
feel sick. Take a motion sickness drug before you get on
the plane. Some can make you drowsy, but that's good on a
long flight !

* Teeshirt - airplanes can get quite cold, so always
keep a jacket or sweatshirt nearby if you need them. Some
airlines provide blankets, but don't count on it.

* Arrive lost at your destination.

Okay, you've just landed at your destination airport, and
got your luggage back. What do you do now ? No idea.
Feel those stress levels rising again ! Before you travel,
check out your destination on the internet. Airport 50
miles out of town ? In that case, you don't want to use a
taxi if you can avoid it. You should pre-plan your bus or
train journey before you leave home.

Follow the above tips and you'll arrive relaxed and stress
free, ready to enjoy your vacation or business trip.


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