Airfare-Not Always Fair!

By: Elizabeth Wares

Need a vacation but don't want to stay around town? Want to
go somewhere exotic, somewhere different? Want to fly but
worried about the airfare? Sourcing the cheapest airfare
available has been made easier with competition growing
between travel agencies as people realize that a vacation
need not be all that expensive. Airfare can be a hindrance
to the best of vacation plans but it need not be. With so
many travel companies vying for your business - securing
cheaper airfare is a given!

The airline companies set airfare price, with travel
agencies just higher than wholesale price. The
advertised price of an airfare does not contain any
government taxes or duties so extra charges such as these
will need to be added into your airfare budget.

Aside from the airline companies and travel agencies
setting the price, there are many things, which can affect
airfare price.

The most important factor that can influence
price is the final destination. Another factor can also
influence the ticket price but not limited to:

The kind of airline class you opt for - do you want comfort
or want to go economically. The location of your seat -
window or inside seat. The time and day on which you want
want to travel. How near you book to your departure date -
booking nearer to your departure date may boost your airfare
when you secure a last minute deal. Whether your airfare
is part of an all inclusive holiday package. More often
than not for these all-inclusive package,s the airfare has
been given with a massive discount as a contract between
the resort or hotel, the airline and travel agent.

Therefore, if you want to save your money, you should
consider the above points before you commence with exploring
your airfares that fit within your budget. Shopping for
airfare is a difficult job, especially when you are looking
for cheapest rate. You can make use of the Internet, as last
minute deal websites are being developed and there are some
great bargains to be had, particularly in regards to airfare
rates. Checking frequently and subscribing to these last
minute deal websites will make sure that your vacation is
long lasting, and memorable without the extra burden of
supplementary expenses for airfare! So check around for last
minute deals.

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