How to Buy and Sell Private Residence Clubs

By: Sheryl

How to Buy and Sell Private Residence Clubs

In recent years, an increasing number of investors have ventured into

the vacation property market. In order to placate the growing needs of

higher-end second home seekers, developers have devised new ways of

creating luxurious vacation offerings. Private residence clubs are the

products of these efforts. These first-class fractional ownership

properties represent the apex of lavish vacation accommodations.

What are Private Residence Clubs?

Situated in luxury resort areas, private residence clubs are

extravagant collections of vacation homes that are maintained by

five-star hospitality giants. These fractional properties are owned by

a handful of wealthy vacation seekers. Private residence clubs should

not be confused with timeshare properties. Comparing the two would be

like comparing a Bentley to a Ford Taurus. With timeshares, access is

limited to a couple of weeks out of the year. Private residence clubs

are located in opulent resort hotspots. These larger properties have

only a handful of fractional owners, unrivaled levels of service and a

host of high-end amenities. Access isn't limited to a couple weeks, and

the level of comfort and pampering that comes with these properties is

off the charts.

How to Buy Private Residence Clubs

When you purchase a private residence club, you'll be responsible for

the original purchase price and annual maintenance dues. Your annual

fees will cover insurance, weeks of yearly use, property taxes,

amenities and services. If you can imagine a service that will make

your vacation an extra-extravagant experience, it'll be taken care of

by the resident club support staff. These staffs rival any crew you'll

find at a five-star resort. Private residence clubs provide valets,

concierge services, airport shuttles, chefs, storage services, butlers

and in some cases, even a luxury automobile for you to use while on

vacation. Unlike buying a second home or vacation property, there will

be no upkeep hassles associated with your private residence club. All

you have to do is inform the staff of your specific wants and they will

prep the property for your arrival. When you buy a private residence

club, there will be limited financing options offered from the

developer, but most private residence club owners can afford to make

large down payments in cash.

How to Sell Private Residence Clubs

Selling your private residence club is simple, but it may also be a

challenge for a number of reasons. Demand is high for these luxury

vacation properties, and the supply is limited. This situation

stimulates appreciation. Because of the benefits of increased property

values, you may find it difficult to let go of your private residence

club. If you do choose to sell, you will have quite a large number of

interested buyers. Prime locations, unmatched access to posh amenities,

unbelievable services and hassle-free maintenance make private

residence clubs very hot commodities. Many residence club complexes

have waiting lists loaded with interested buyers. Selling your private

residence club won't be a problem, but choosing to remove yourself from

the most upscale accommodations imaginable can be quite difficult.

If you're looking for an amazing investment opportunity, there are

avenues that will produce higher returns than a private residence club

investment. However, if indulgence and gratification are high on your

list of vacation property prioritiesFree Web Content, private residence clubs will

offer unequaled satisfaction and enjoyment.

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