Pristine Islands in Terengganu


Pristine Island & Beaches in Terengganu


The long stretches of the Terengganu coastline, extending from Besut in the north to Kemaman in the south, is endowed with numerous long, white sandy beaches nestling in pristine tranquillity in rocky bays and secluded palm-fringed coves. Washed by the warm waters of the South China Sea, its beaches proclaim nature’s wonderful alchemy of fine powdery white and gold sands. The beaches are magnificently wide, often times sloping gradually into the sea.


Terengganu’s offshore islands, with their crystal clear waters and vibrant underwater world, is part of a marine park. Colourful, mature coral gardens and several shipwrecks in these waters offer some of the best dive sites in the region. With the mesmerising vastness of the sea, cool breezes and breathtaking sunsets, the islands are nothing short of a tropical paradise.


Here are some nice Islands of Terengganu


o     Pulau Redang

Located 50 km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu is one of the most beautiful and exotic islands in Malaysia. Far from the hustle and bustle of a big town or city, Pulau Redang offers crystal clear water, pearly white shores, a colourful array of spectacular marine life, a breathtaking sunset and what could be the worlds most mature coral gardens. This paradise-like island is perfect for swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, jungle trekking, fishing, boating and canoeing. It takes about 2 hours to get there by boat from the village of Merang. However, visitors have to abide by the Fisheries Act 1985 as Pulau Redang is one of the few marine parks in Malaysia. No fishing is allowed within a 3.2 km radius of the island, and the collection of coral and aquatic life is prohibited.


o     Pulau Perhentian

Pulau Perhentian, situated 21 km off the coast of Terengganu, consists of two islands: Pulau Perhentian Besar and Pulau Perhentian Kecil. A trip to this lush and exotic tropical island is a must for all nature lovers and those who enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, swimming, wind surfing, sailing, boating and even canoeing. Surrounded by a virgin jungle, swaying palm trees, white sandy beaches, warm sapphire blue waters and a colourful coral garden, Pulau Perhentian is renowned as one of Malaysia’s marine paradise and part of the national marine park.

Therefore, the same code applies here, as in Pulau Redang. The journey to this spectacular island takes about one and a half hours by boat from Kuala Besut.


o     Pulau Kapas

Pulau Kapas is an island renowned for its pure emerald waters, white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, caves with swallows’ nests, dazzling marine life and superb coral formation. Long kept a secret by lovers of the underwater world, this island offers many secluded areas which are unspoiled and quiet. There are many activities which can be undertaken here. Pulau Kapas is a haven for swimming, snorkelling, wind surfing, kayaking, boating or just lazing around. It is only 6km or a 30-minute boat ride from Marang.


o     Pulau Pinang

The Marine Park at Pulau Pinang off Redang is popular amongst snorkelling enthusiasts because of its diverse coral gardens and marine wonderland. The teeming fish life provides a burst of colour in the turquoise sea. Water clarity is so good that schools of parrotfish can be seen even at a distance from the jetty. Children enjoy snorkelling here, amidst fish like those found in a popular animated movie. Further away, a sunken Chinese ship protruding above sea level beckons divers to explore further.


o     Lang Tengah

For a more secluded getaway, the smaller island of Lang Tengah is ideal. Its light green waters are crystal clear and its fish swim surprisingly close to the shore, unperturbed by human presence. Visibility is so good that the seabed can be seen from the boat, along with inconspicuous stonefish and sea cucumbers. Look out for the blue corals found in these waters, just 40 metres from the shore.


o     Pulau Rhu

The emerald waters around Pulau Rhu have superb coral formations offering some amazing sights. The rich pageantry of its marine life has made the island popular amongst students and budget travellers.


o     Pulau Bidong

Pulau Bidong has quiet waters and several secluded spots for swimming, boating and snorkelling. A Vietnamese memorial here is dedicated to the refugees who resided on the island. The Institute of Oceanography under KUSTEM also has a station here undertaking the study, conservation and preservation of South China Sea ecosystems. Visitors to the island are advised to arrange for a guided tour.


o     Pulau Kapas

A short distance off the coast of Terengganu is the tiny tropical paradise of Pulau Kapas. Its clear waters are home to a variety of both hard and soft corals amongst which reside rich marine life. Known particularly for squid fishing, the island has just one resort, offering more private vacationing.


o     Pulau Gemia

Located just beside Pulau Kapas, Pulau Gemia or Gem Island offers another getaway to stunning beaches, crystal clear water, beautiful corals and fascinating marine life. The steep and densely forested hinterland surrounding the beaches is deliberately left undisturbed to preserve wildlife.


As a result the island is able to retain its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Sea eagles, reef herons, tern and also the endangered giant leatherback turtles are said to nest on this island every year. Chalets are built stretching along the rocky shoreline. The rugged hill terrain is conductive for rock climbing and is idea for bird-watching.


o     Pulau Tenggol

The well-sheltered bay at Pulau Tenggol is home to intact and mature coral gardens, making it a delight for reef lovers. Being the farthest island from the mainland, the nutrient rich waters here are home to a kaleidoscope of colourful corals and marine life, producing dramatic visual effects underwater.

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