Lockspam for Outlook Version 2.0 is Available Now!

By: Polesoft Inc.

For Immediate Release

Polesoft declares birth of its new edition of Lockspam!

12th May, 2004: Polesoft Inc., the world's professional developer of anti spam software, today announced its new "Lockspam for Outlook" Version 2.0 is available. "Lockspam for Outlook" Version 2.0 is now on store shelves. Since 1st of May, 2004, Lockspam is not free to use any more. However, we encourage users to try our software for 30 days, before they finally place their orders.

Users seeking more attentive services and more frequently updates of Anti Spam Engine, will be delighted to find these are available after registration.

Attentive services

Our high-quality technical support team will always be there for you. They are quick, attentive, helpful and they provide this service for Free!

Constant Updates of Anti Spam Engine

More constant updates of Polesoft's Anti Spam Engine will assure you that your mail box is against the latest epidemic spam.

Free Updates to further editions of "Lockspam for Outlook"

Legal users of Lockspam can enjoy the free updates to further editions of "Lockspam for Outlook" in the future. Legal users may either "Check for Updates" or update from our website directly. Also, with a registered Lockspam, you won't get the annoying "Please register" pop ups periodically.

Preferential policies for legal users

Legal users of Lockspam will also enjoy favorable discounts for further purchases. Polesoft will carry out promotional activities in the future, and paid users will benefit from that.

And the following are eight key features of this edition.

Safety and Stability:

Lockspam focuses on protecting your innocent mails in addition to killing the spam. Polesoft Anti Spam Engine is adopted to provide double defense for your mailbox.

Lockspam performs anti email harvesting automatically to prevent the spammers from obtaining your email address. Your privacy is guaranteed with maximum level.

Lockspam further improved its stability. And it works with MS Outlook more harmoniously.


Over 90% PSK (Percentage of Spam Mail Killed) based on Near-Zero PIK (Percentage of Innocent Mail Killed).

By analyzing the information of Polesoft anti-spam engine of the Email's content, Lockspam hits the Achilles' Heel of the spam so as to assure its accuracy.

Self-adaptive protection: Automated filtering and live updating

Polesoft server has the newest spam resources.

Therefore live update of Lockspam could guarantee your mailbox up-to-date to the realtime spam.

Polesoft Anti-spam Engine will optimize itself by continuously self-learning your local mails and provide personalized protection with more and more perfect algorithms.

Easiness: Easy installation and maintenance save your valuable time

Easy Installation: Lockspam is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Outlook. It operates right after installation without account setting necessary.

Easy Maintenance: Completely automated spam filter. No additional manual rules needed.

Multi-user support:

Lockspam also support modes of multi-users, like Windows XP, so that users won't be bothered to have Lockspam installed twice.

Error-tracking log files:

When an error occurs, Lockspam will automatically generate log files to keep records of it, so that the users will know the solution to the problem within a day after sending those log files as attachments to Polesoft support at .

Data backup:

Lockspam allows its users to backup their personal data, like Whitelist, Blacklist and General Settings in the Options.

Editable Blacklist and Whitelist:

Each time activated, Lockspam checks against the addresses in the Whitelist and blacklist, making sure that spam killed and innocent protected. In answer to the repeated voices of Lockspam users, Polesoft has newly developed an editable Blacklist, where users can add, edit or remove the list of unwanted mail sources. Likewise, an editable Whitelist is a list of addresses that users want to hear from. Both Blacklist and Whitelist can be backed up and restored by the button of Export and Import.

And with the following enhanced features, "Lockspam for Outlook" Version 2.0 is an effective catcher and killer of spam.

Enable Registration.

Registered Users may type their Registration keys into the key box to enjoy free updates of filter engine and free updates of "Lockspam for Outlook", as well as the free high-quality technical support.

Anti Spam Filter Engine updated.

The latest Anti Spam Filter Engine is more effective in catching spam.

Stability improved.

"Lockspam for Outlook" works more harmoniously with MS Outlook.

Your preferential Settings are remembered even after updates and reinstallations.

Lockspam will remember your settings in the Options. And it will restore them after your updates and reinstallations.

To summarize, "Lockspam for Outlook" Version 2.0 answers the urgent safe anti spam needs with a considerately solution to relieve the pain of Outlook users from being spammed. Lockspam is well suited for use with Outlook automatically after the easy installation. Users need no extra setups or maintenances to get the perfect spam killing and innocent email protecting effect, and neither do they need to worry about the privacy issue.

The CEO of Polesoft, Lytton Liou said, "We hope our patent-pending technology could give the masses a safe and light-hearted mood to use email from now on, so that they could really enjoy the pleasure of communication and no need to worry about the intrusion of spam any more."

This edition of "Lockspam for Outlook" can only work with Microsoft Outlook, while its sibling Universal Lockspam can work with more mail clients like Outlook Express, Eudora, Formail and so on.

For more information about "Lockspam for Outlook" Version 2.0, please visit our website: , and to experience the free trial for 30 days, please download it here.


About Polesoft Inc.

Polesoft Inc. is a professional anti spam solution provider. With its patent-pending technology, Polesoft specializes in developing safe anti spam softwares for personal users and enterprises. After conducting an in-depth study of the status in anti spam field and anti spam technologies, Polesoft puts forward its unique patent-pending anti spam architecture. Different from other anti spam solutions, Polesoft is the first one who lays more emphasis on protecting the innocent mails in addition to blocking spam, which has been proved effective and will benefit the end users a lot.

Polesoft, "Lockspam for Outlook" Version 2.0 and Universal Lockspam are the trademarks of Polesoft Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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