Is It Better to Treat the Symptoms or the Causes?

By: conscioushealth
Illness symptoms have been given names such as: headache, indigestion, stomach ache, diarrhea, constipation, hayfever, asthma, eczema, sinusitis, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer.

They are called diseases, but are more correctly "dis-ease indicators" These indicators are signals, or symptoms, of more serious problems within the body.

They are the body's effort to get our attention, telling us that it needs supportive help to correct underlying conditions of imbalance which, if left to continue, will develop into serious disease conditions.

When we take medication to make a discomfort go away, we trade short-term gain for long-term pain, lower levels of energy, and ill health in the future. We should, instead be focusing our attention, not on the annoyance of the symptom, but on what the symptom is trying to tell us.

What have we been doing wrong that is causing the body to complain? The symptom is not the problem; it is our friend.

If we pay attention to this communication and cooperate with it, our bodies will work to correct the deeper conditions and save us from greater suffering and poor health in the future.

Our thinking should be:
* What does my body need to be able to correct the cause of this distress?
* What is it lacking?
* How can I avoid contributing to the distress?
* If I take this or that remedy, will it help or hinder my body?
* Will it make my body healthier, or will it lower my body's nutrient and energy reserves and further weaken my immune system?
* Am I working with my body or against it?
* Am I helping my body or abusing it? Symptoms arise because of deficiencies, toxicity, and imbalances within body fluids and cells. Only the removal of causes will bring about true and lasting health.

Achieving Results

When working to eliminate disease conditions and regain health, keep in mind that each individual is different. Just because someone experienced great results in a certain amount of time does not necessarily mean everyone will.

Some conditions can be reversed quickly, while some can take a year or more before there is a breakthrough to positive results. The timing for things to begin happening depends on the following:

* Genetic make-up: health of ancestors.
* Diet as a child.
* Diet since childhood.
* Lifestyle habits of eating, drinking, smoking, drugs, exercise, rest, and attitudes.
* Stress in the person's life.
* Exposure to environmental toxins, emfs, and geopathic stress.
* Belief system.

As well, a commitment to:
* Healthy attitudes.
* Wholesome diet.
* Regular exercise.
* Health-building supplements that cleanse the body and replenish its workers.

Continual understanding of symptoms and causes.

Whenever we have a physical problem, or symptoms of a malfunction, or disease within the body, we should be asking:
* What is causing this?
* Why is my body acting this way?
* What is it telling me?
* What is it trying to correct?
* What experience(s) in my past could be contributing to my present condition?
* How can I cooperate with my body to assist it in its detoxifying and corrective healing efforts?
* Is what I am eating, taking as a supplement or drug, helping or hindering my body in its efforts to cleanse itself and replenish its enzyme and bowel flora workers and body-building nutrients?
* Is what I am doing acting only to suppress my symptoms to make them go away?
* Am I working for short-term relief or for long-term health?

The extent to which we understand and apply the principles of natural health to our own lifestyles will determine our results, and also the timing of those results.

Every human body naturally wants to travel back up the road to health.

The lifestyles we have had, the physical and emotional challenges we have, and our openness to reexamining our thinking about health will determine how long that road back will be.
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