Menopause Symptoms

Menopause is said to occur in women when the ovaries gradually produce less and less of estrogen and eventually the production is stopped completely. Women suffering from menopause have to get their uterus removed surgically during the final stages. In the next paragraph we discuss the 35 most common menopause symptoms.
The 35 most common menopause symptoms are:-

1) Hot flashes that may occur regularly at night with excessive sweat
2) Irregular beating of the heart at sometime or the other
3) Frequent irritation
4) Psychological problem like mood swings and tears due to lack of sleep at night
5) Insomnia or lack of sleep at night due to hot flashes and excessive sweat.
6) Irregular periods where the gap between two periods becomes shorter or longer than normal
7) The loss of sexual drive or libido.
8) Vaginal Dryness
9) Getting tired quickly after doing chores and tasks.
10) Frequent feelings of anxiety and a feeling of being uncomfortable.
11) Feelings of loneliness and doom
12) Difficulty in concentrating on things and mental confusion
13) Frequent memory lapses
14) Incontinence when sneezing or laughing
15) Skin irritations like itchy and crawly skin
16) Aching muscles, joints and tendons.
17) Increase pain and tension in the muscle and joints
18) Breast related disorders like breast tenderness.
19) Frequent headaches and also migraine
20) Gastrointestinal disorders like excess gas
21) Sudden bouts of bloat.
22) Depression several times a day
23) Exacerbation or excessive worrying for existing conditions
24) An increased risk of suffering from a number of allergies.
25) Excessive weight gain and obesity related disorders
26) Thinning of hair and hair loss
27) Dizziness and frequent loss of balance.
28) Irregular body odor
29) Strange sensation under the skin
30) A tingling feeling in the extremities
31) Increased bleeding in the gums
32) Bad taste in mouth and bad breath
33) Osteoporosis
34) The fingernails become soft and cracked
35) Ringing in ears also known as tinnitus.

These are the most common symptoms found in women during menopause. Women should take care to see that none of the problems occur for a long time. In case any of the problems do not subside or get cured after a considerable amount of time then it is necessary to meet the doctor at once. The doctor will be able to diagnose the menopause and the stage that it has reached. The doctor will then start treatment which includes medications, hormone replacement therapy or completely removing the uterus.

Menopause is said to occur in women after the age of 40 years when the ovaries gradually fail to produce enough estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone produced in the body and is vital for reproductive cycle. As a result women often experience vaginal pain and dryness and also irregular menstrual cycle. Let us now delve further into early menopause symptoms.

There are three major early menopause symptoms which are as follows:

1) Irregular Vaginal Bleeding - This is one of the most common symptoms of menopause. The vagina may bleed at unexpected intervals and the period between two menstrual cycle may increase or decrease than normal. There may be excessive vaginal bleeding as well. In other words the pattern of bleeding not normal but highly irregular. The pattern of bleeding differs from woman to woman and also the stage at which the menopause as reached. Also there is no fixed time for a woman to complete her menopausal transition, as all the women are different. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately if these symptoms persist for a long time.

2) Hot Flashes and Night Sweats - These are also very common early menopause symptoms. A hot flash is a feeling of unusual warmth throughout the body. A woman suffering from hot flash will feel warm even when the temperature of the environment is low. Hot flashes are always accompanied by excessive sweating, especially during the night. Researchers have not been able to find the exact reason for hot flashes nor have they been able to predict when the next hot flash will take place. Hot flashes occur in 40% of the women above the age of 40 years. Hot flashed tend to decrease over a period of several years after menopause is treated.

3) Mood Symptoms - The women suffering from menopause may experience different types of mood symptoms. Many times they feel that they are doomed. They also live in depression often. They lose their confidence and also may suffer from insomnia. Due to insomnia women suffer from severe bouts of mood swings and lose their cool easily.

Early menopause symptoms mentioned above are the most common symptoms. Women suffering from menopause need the support of their family members, especially of their spouses. Menopause should be looked as a natural ageing process than a disorder and it should also be treated that way. The doctors attending to menopause patients should instill a lot of positive attitude and confluence in them.
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