How To Create A Profit Pulling Ezine Ad

By: onlineprofitteam
Ezines are an excellent and very powerful way to promote your online business. With the appropriate copywriting you could have super results on your bottom line. Here are some fundamental rules for succeeding in your ad campaigns.

It is the most important thing in your ad.
It must grab the reader's attention immediately.
After all, you only have a few seconds.
If there is no catch for the reader, it will be passed over in a second.

What's in it for me?
This is another extremely important factor for ad campaign success.
Do not describe features. Use benefits.
What they will gain for your product or service.
They will not focus on features. Period.

Longer is not always the better.
People are tired to read endless ads, newsletters etc. Remember, Internet users don't have much time.
Give emphasis on your strong points and don't write the
story of your life.

FREE is the most powerful word, and arguably not only on the net.
Provide something free, such as an e-book, report, newsletter, etc.
It will make the difference but on the other hand don't overdo it. Don't blast your ad with endless freebies. You want potential customers, not freebie seekers.

Subscribe to the ezine.
You can subscribe to more ezines and take
a look at the ad section. Watch your competition.
See how they work. Have an idea on what the ezine is all about.

Extremely important! If you sell software
don't expect to have ad response on a dating club ezine.
Target is the key to ezine success.
Not everyone is interested in your offer.

Grammar error check.
Very simple you might say but many people overlook it.
It is so unprofessional to submit an ad with
grammar mistakes. Response to this ad is out of the question.

You don't need to yell. This is another way to look unprofessional.
People will consider that you are desperate to sell.
Remember your intention is not to sell but providing benefits.

Use solo and top sponsor ads.
Free is good but there is an amazing response on these kind of ads. Research estimates about 5% to 12% ad response.
You will not find anywhere else that kind of rate.
Even if you are on a shoestring budget, there are so many bargains out there.

Track your ads.
Suppose you have 6 ads running and you have sign ups from one, how would you know which is the golden one? Track those using special codes or even better if you
can afford it, use tracking software.

Follow publisher's guidelines.
Follow the rules. Ezine publishers have specific reasons for using them.

Use a question in your headline.
People are trained from school to answer questions. It's a killer marketing and psychological trigger.

Do NOT use unbelievable claims in your subject line or even on your whole ad.
People have been scammed many times in the past and they won't believe you.

Test all the time.
Do not expect to write the first ad and be the profitable one. You must use many variations of your ad but don't change the whole ad but only some words (psychological triggers).
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