Traffic Exchange - A test for continuous passion for innovation

Once you build your website and upload it, you want billions of
people to visit your website in order to fulfill your business or
personal objectives. However proper marketing techniques ought to
be applied so that the browsers become aware about the existence
and realize the utility of your website. A profound method is to
get a higher rank in the search engines. Now the obvious question
as to how does one get a good ranking in the Search Engine?

Constant endeavors towards the goal of a proper search engine
ranking have evolved the term SEO the buzzword of today's
Internet era. Traffic Exchange systems have been identified as
one of the key method and have found itself in its zenith of its
popularity among various SEO techniques. So, in other words, we
can say that Traffic Exchange is one of the most popular
methodology to regulate traffic towards your website.

Now lets try to find out what does Traffic Exchange mean?
Exchange means exchange of your website link with others.
Research and Innovations have established the fact that the
ranking of your site depends greatly on,from how many sites,
your site can be visited or linked to, or in other words, how
many sites provide a link to your website. The obvious question
comes to the fore 'why should somebody allow you to paste your
website link in his coveted area?'. The simple answer is that
your counterpart also wants to promote his website through the
same approach and in exchange he too will demand for a reciprocal
link to your website.

What are the options open for you? The most commonly used methods
are Auto Surf, Paid to Click Surf, Manual Surf and Paid Surf.
What is the role of your website? It is to become a valuable
resource for your visitors either for free or to earn substantial
revenue. Never forget the statutory warning,you must popularize
your website first before looking towards utilizing it as an
revenue earning machine!

A Properly managed traffic exchange system can yield you
phenomenal growth in the number of visitors that enables you
immensely in propagating your brand name or increasing your
regular earning potential through advertisements and sponsorship.

Once you are convinced about traffic exchange system as a key
methodology for enhancing your hit count and decide to give it a
go, you need to further delve into the nitty-gritty.If you
just carry out a search with the key word Traffic Exchange in
any of the popular search engines like Google / Yahoo / MSN, you
will find billions of listings. On the one hand this establishes
the profoundness of the Traffic Exchange Methodology, while on
the other the overwhelming popularity also should caution you
from frauds and scams. Please remember even the most commoners
may smell the fraudulent practices involved. Most of the search
engines have their own auto crawler to provide the requisite
protection. After one cannot befool a smart crawler behind which
a lot of expert robotic and human brains have been constantly
working. Just ask yourself;can a school for kid web site
provide a link to a porno site? In such a case of paradoxical
links, even if by the esteemed and popular providers like
Adsense, then the content of your site demands your Immediate
and Urgent attention.

Here you must remember the ever-cherished traditional concept,
Rome was not built in a day.Traffic Exchange system is never
an one-time job that you can just set up for once and forget. You
need to continuously monitor and upgrade the links. This job also
involves extensive research for finding out relevant links and
the obsolete links.

What does relevant site mean? A site that can is cohesive or can
become co-efficient in nature to your website is a relevant site.
How do you find one such site? Find out sites, which has got a
similar business goal or objective. How many similar matching
products and services they both offer. Like a website for school
kids can link to the relevant links link various books/ articles/
magazines/ publishers, higher schools or universities for further
studies, various tuition sites, vocational studies, fun and
entertainment sites for kids, games and sports' sites etc.

Once you find a host of sites as an outcome of your extensive
research get down to short-listing them. Now, start sending mails
to their webmasters requesting a link exchange. Once they confirm
you can start placing their links at your websites. Even if this
process may result in some advertising. So forge right ahead and
give it a try? However if the traffic exchange is agreed upon
then you need to also monitor whether your link has been pasted
at your counterpart's site. And please remember that this is a
continuous process, where you need to watch the sites at regular
intervals to ensure the existence of your link in the other

Webmasters continuously update their sites that may result in an
unnoticed or unwilling removal of your link from their site. In
this case you need to immediately draw the attention of the
Webmaster for that site. You might also find some deliberate
exclusion of your site links from some of your smart
counterparts, who do not have any basic business morale. In such
cases, we suggest that you remove their links immediately. With
Internet becoming immensely popular a lot of websites have
mushroomed but without proper maintenance and nurture they cease
to exist leading to the premature death of the links that these
websites provide to others. So, you should ensure the existence
and up running for all sites among who traffic exchange system
technique has been applied.

So don't be lured by the gimmicks like 'Guaranteed Visitors' or
'Million Visitors in 7 days' or 'thousand traffic exchanges
daily". It may be noted that they may or may not be frauds.
However, prevention is almost always better than cure and a
constant watch must be kept. Remember that the popularity of your
site depends largely on how many web sites in cyberspace link to
your site and this becomes the major criterion for search engines
to determine the rank of your site. So, never treat traffic
exchange as a child's play; rather treat it as serious business.
A proper systematic approach may lead to an explosion in the
number of visitors to your site while improper utilization may
also blacklist it.

Cultivate patience as you deal with Traffic Exchange for as the
famous adage goes Slow but steady wins the race.
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