Marble Miracles via Waterjet

By: harriaalto
When 26-year-old Michelangelo sculpted the statue David from a block of marble 500 years ago, his tools were basic and crude compared to what is available today. And although solid marble floors were created for the wealthy back then, the artists did not have the tools to make intricate, delicate patterns in the marble. A slab of marble remained a slab of marble cut to the required size.

Today's technology for creating masterpieces of architectural design from marble is centered on the cutting technology of waterjet. A Master Designer is no longer limited in expressing his creativity as the waterjet machines can cut, with meticulous precision, the thousands of various-shaped pieces that comprise a work of art. Marble-granite-onyx floor medallions, an example of the practical use of waterjet technology, can be seen not only in hotel lobbies, restaurants and airports, but in fine homes around the globe. These medallions express uniqueness, quality and originality, and are considered an excellent investment. They come in original designs, or pre-made, ready-to-install designs, or a customized version of the pre-made version. And, they are economical.

What is waterjet Cutting?
?An environmentally friendly process
?A process that does not create chemical air pollution
?A process that does not create dust, grindings, or chips
?A process that does not generate pollutants or fumes
?A process that does not require cutting oils or emulsions
?A process that is clean and efficient

What items can be cut with waterjet?
?Marble and granite, and all other stones
?Ceramics and porcelain
?Linoleum, vinyl, and sports flooring
?All metals, including brass, muntz, CorTen Steel, stainless steel
?Almost any material that you want to cut into a two-dimensional shape
?Being a clear, cold process, waterjet cutting does not distort, heat, or harden materials
?When conventional cutting methods can't cut through a material, waterjet can
?No pressure or heat is exerted on the material, making it safe for plastics or composites, or items that cannot tolerate mechanical damage or heat

What patterns can be cut with waterjet?
?If you can draw it on a computer, waterjet can cut it
?Images come from electronic files, drawings, blueprints, etc.
?The images are converted into a language the waterjet machines can read.
?This 'converted image' is downloaded onto the waterjet machine

What about the cost?
?Waterjet cutting is the most economical way to cut stainless steel, porcelain, or any stone into complex shapes.
?Being environmentally friendly makes it very cost effective
?The savings over traditional cutting methods is often substantial
?There are no molding or tooling costs associated with waterjet

What are some of the main architectural uses of waterjet technology in the commercial world? The intricate masterpieces created with the waterjet technology are found around the world in:
?Government Buildings
?Hotels, Resorts, Casinos
?Outdoor Public Spaces

?Medallions are found in all of the above places, along with an artistically designed whole floor concept that delightfully leads one from the entryway into all the areas where the public or employees walk. The medallions are sometimes the logo of the local sports team, or the trademark of the business.

Other uses of waterjet technology in these commercial areas include architectural signage, plaques and murals. These murals can depict famous places that attract tourists to the area.

What are the main architectural uses of waterjet technology in residences?
?Stone Floor Medallions may be located throughout the home, starting with a Custom Entryway
?Border Tiles, along with an artistically designed whole, flowing-floor concept, gently carry one from the entryway to living room, dining room, halls, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms in an integrated, beautiful way.
?Bathrooms - a sublime bathing experience when planned by a Master Designer
?Kitchens - blending the floors, countertops, and dining areas into a daily delightful cooking/baking/eating experience
?Fireplace Surrounds
?Stone Furniture
?Wall Murals and Art
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