New Cell Phones That Can Do Almost Everything

By: granola
The cell phone is fast becoming one of the necessities of life. Not only can you call people using a cell phone, but you can do many other things that were once done by other electronic devices. Now, however, you can do almost anything with your cell phone, including take pictures and surf the Internet.

Cell phones have progressed to a point where they are almost all in one. They come with full color display screens that allow you to check sports scores online, read your email, and even watch highlights as if you were watching a movie on a Web site. Some have started offering music playing capability (you can store MP3s in your phone), and it is possible to take and send pictures using a cell phone. And, if you can't talk at the moment, you can still send a text message, much like using an Instant Messenger (IM) program. And many cell phones also function as walkie talkies, which makes them even more useful.

Not only do cell phones fill in for a variety of electronics, but they can also fill in for a GPS electronic device. Cell phones can be outfitted with small devices that allow you to know where the phone is. You can use them in conjunction with a small computer or receiver that can tell you where you are, or you can use it to keep tabs on your kids. There are even cell phones that allow you to "dial in" to any conversation that is being had over the phone. It is like surveillance electronic equipment in the cell phone!

But this is not where the electronic technology of cell phones ends. Some personal data assistant (PDA) electronic devices are incorporating calling capability. The most famous of these is the Blackberry. A Blackberry can keep track of your appointments and calendar. You can use it to type out and send email. Some PDAs even have forms of word processors so you can jot down notes or begin writing a document. And you can still use it as a phone to make phone calls. This combination of functions that allows you to function as an office (albeit of limited ability) in a pocket is increasingly popular. This is because it is easy to carry with you, and you can take care of important business from almost anywhere.

The convenience of having nearly everything, including a multimedia center, inside of a phone is very tempting. Many people already have these cell phones. They are especially popular among younger people, ages 12-35. Even children as young as eight are beginning to have their own phones. It makes it possible for their parents to contact them (or to find them if it is equipped with GPS), and it is a fun way for them to connect with friends. For business people it is nice to know that wherever you are, you can listen to your favorite tune to relax, check your email for important information, and send pictures to headquarters if necessary.