Putting Tips To Lower Your Score Instantly

By: R. Martin

Hey, golfers...want to learn how to nail those putts consistently? All you've got to do is spend a few quick minutes reading this & in no time flat you'll be shaving points off your score. :)

A. Introduction

Good putting can make or break a decent game. After all, we all want to get our score as low as possible. Let's run through some quick putting tips to get that score down ASAP!

B. The Way the Grass Grows

Every shot combines:

1. The golfer's judgment of the distance, terrain, & wind conditions and

2. A complete execution of the swing. And when it comes to putting, the mental gymnastics count more for this shot than any other one that you'll attempt. Sometimes silence can be deafening!

It is possible to putt better. In fact, your fellow players might not even practice putting, let alone get educated on how to advance their shortgame skills.

For instance, many golfers simply "pace off" the distance to the cup. There is a better way.

Try this:

1. Stand over the ball.

2. Try to "see" a line running directly towards the hole. (It's imaginary. Do your best.)

3. Try to measure the distance in 5 or 10 foot intervals.

4. Next, check the texture of the grass.

5. Now, Take notice of which direction the grass is growing!

You obviously don't have to hit the ball as hard when the grass is growing towards the hole as opposed to away. But, the trick is that direction can be a little difficult to judge unless you look closely.

So, take a moment and use the direction of the grass growth as a indicator of how much power you need in your putt.

And, don't tell the people you play with this tip either. You don't need the competition!

C.Clear Your Head

"Yips" are what golfers generally use to describe the twitches, shakes, jitters & jerks associated with putting. Because the major contributors to the "yips" are tension, anxiety, & sometimes a lack of confidence, one way get rid of them is to try to "empty" your mind.

Here's what you do...Let your subconscious take over - forget about the stroke, forget about the results, & forget about any other things that may be clouding your judgment. Just play like a child would. Forget the outcome. After all, this is recreation, right?

Imagine it's a Friday afternoon. See yourself stepping inside your local bar to shoot a nice relaxing game of pool. What does that feel like? It's fun, right?

Why should golf be any different?

You may want to win, but the balance of the world isn't hanging on your shot, right? Shooting pool & playing golf shouldn't be all that different.

So what if you miss!?

Try to put yourself into the same relaxed mindset when putting. Just let it happen. Let your instincts take over.

Trust in the hours of practice that you have put in so far.

Just step up & make the shot. Putt in the "subconscious."

Sounds hokey, doesn't it? It is. But, I'd rather have a lower score & be hokey than be "too cool" to try!

D.Focus Your Eyes

If you want a sure way to miss a putt, look up to see if the ball goes into the hole before it does.

Don't do it!

Resist the temptation to watch your ball.

The best thing to do is keep your head still over the ball. Just stare down at the empty spot that the ball used to occupy before you hit it.

Use your ears instead. Listen. Listen to hear if the putt goes in....

Don't allow your eyes to follow the clubhead during the stroke.

To help focus, pick a small, noticeable mark on the ball to focus upon. Keep your eyes fixated on the brand name, logo, dimple, or ID mark throughout your stroke.

If you are still having trouble, try to place your putterhead on the ball. Now, stare at the spot on the ball & then stand perfectly still for five seconds....

During those five seconds, let the gaze of your eyes slowly go out of focus. Your eyes will still be fixated on the spot, but everything else will become seemingly fuzzy & soft.

Now, putt with your eyes and mind in this blurry, meditative state. Slip into an altered state & just let it happen.....

E. Fixing Your Alignment

Finally, do you see too many angles when you stand over a putt?

Have you checked to ensure that you are lined up correctly? Your conscious alignment may be at war with your subconscious'. And your putt might be caught in the conflict between them....

Sounds funny, doesn't it? Think about it...it could be affecting your game right now.

To optimize your alignment, try this:

Use your practice green & drop your ball a few feet from the hole. Stand behind the ball and line up.

You are going to use the printed brand name on the ball as a guide, so make sure you can see it.

Position the ball so that the name is pointing straight toward the hole. When you get over the ball with your putter, match the line on the top of your putter to the line on the ball's logo.

Put the putterhead flush behind the ball on this line. Now, take notice of your feet.

Are they perpendicular to the line created by the logo? How about your shoulders?

Finally, are you taking the putter head straight back and straight "through" during the stroke?This will give you a very good indicator on how to adjust your alignment. Make the changes you need to ensure it's an easy shot & that you are aligned correctly. Small tweaks like this can add up to a lower score very quickly!

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