Best Tables For Table Tennis Or Ping Pong

By: Alexis Gibrault

Table tennis can be a really fun sport...whether on the patio on a beautiful summer afternoon or in your family's basement for some friendly after-dinner competition. If you're trying to decide upon on a new ping pong table, there is a lot to consider-especially if you've never purchased one before. This is why we've listed a few of our favorite table tennis and ping pong tables below, along with helpful descriptions of their quality features and specifications.

Butterfly table tennis offers some of our favorite table models for durability, convenience, and quality. Not only are they most commonly used in U.S. table tennis competitions, but they also offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor tables for your home.

· Choose from convenient fold-up rollaway models, playback tables built for solid competitive play in schools and clubs, lightweight space-saving match tables, and weather-ready outdoor party tables.

· ITTF standard measurements: 9ftX5ft with a standard height of 30inches.

· Most fold up conveniently for easy storage.

· Constructed of high grade sturdy steel.

· Table top color options.

· Come with net and posts and have safety levers for safe enjoyment.

· Price range: $400-$1500

· All of the Butterfly ping pong tables have been rendered with the utmost in German manufacturing, built for competitors and amended features for casual, affordable ease of use.

Cornilleau table tennis is another great manufacturer to look for when embarking on finding your new ping pong table.

· Have patented technologies such as the DSI locking system.

· Sturdy steel chassis construction so that you can play even on uneven surfaces.

· Choose from quality indoor and weather-resistant outdoor models; depending where you want to play the game.

· Used for both institution and club competitions as well as backyard family parties

· Easy fold-up and storage.

· Constructed of premium quality, high-density chipboard or resin laminate; and have been treated with special coatings for the outdoor elements (if outdoor table).

· Price range is typically around $575-$1600.

Double Happiness (DHS) table tennis tables offer some of the best models geared toward the beginner to moderate player, looking for great specs and features for their home.

· They offer everything from compact multi-function ping pong tables that double as all-purpose eating, playing cards, etc tables; to the more standard ITTF spec-recognized competitive table tennis tables.

· Built with superior quality tops.

· Secure steel-leg construction.

· Quick assembly functions.

· Offer height adjustment options (great for kids).

· Corner protection pads.

· Sturdy ball bearing wheels.

· Come with posts and net included.

· Price range: $250-$1800.

Joola Tables are the official table used in Olympic games, and they combine top competitive quality with an affordable price tag.

· Strong powder-coated steel construction for stability.
· High density wood composite surface tops for resolute trouble-free playing.
· Automatic locking mechanisms for safe playing and storage.
· Easy-to-maneuver swivel wheels with grip-rubber tread.
· Tournament net tension adjustments.
· ITTF standard dimensions: 9ft by 5 ft with a height of 30 inches; so make sure you have the space.
· Price range: $300-$1600

Killerspin Tables are another one of our favorites, though a bit more expensive, but offer quite a bit for the money.

· Superior quality materials.

· Compact technology folding system for easy storage and fold-up.

· Double security integrated locking systems for no-roll stability.

· Heavy-duty steel constructed legs with pin-lock technology, and large double wheels for maximum playing-permanence. Table top has been constructed with high-performance, high density fiberboard, chipboard, or resin laminate.

· All outdoor models come with weather-resistant, corrosion-free parts.

· Play doubles, one on one, or fold up the table to practice on your own.

· Price range is typically anywhere from $550 to $2000.

Prince Tables come in indoor, outdoor, and indoor/outdoor models for whatever sort of game-playing you have in mind, whether competitive or casual.

· Come in both green and blue playing surfaces.
· Compact folding technology as described above for easy storage.
· Built with top-quality table tops.
· Steel legs/apron for maximum stability.
· Some have super-sized 4.5 inch wheels and reinforced frame sides to ensure even more stability and playing permanence.
· Most will be built with the standard ITTF measurements.
· Include the net, post, and racket holders.
· The price range is a bit more moderate: $400 to $800.

Stiga Tables offer a great option for both the novice and expert table tennis player at a moderate price.

· Heavy duty steel constructed legs and apron for maximum stability.
· Superior tournament-quality table top surfaces: resin board and fiber board.
· Ball bearing caster wheels with locking brakes.
· Easy and secure fold-up and locking mechanism storage.
· Self-opening wheels for easy set-up.
· Quick overall assembly.
· Nets and posts included with ball storage.
· Price range: $500 to $1200.

Another great option to consider if you're seeking to buy a table tennis table, is not the table at all; it's a conversion top. It could very well be that you just don't have the room or money to buy a ping pong table just yet, but already have a playing surface, such as a pool table in your family room or on the patio; and want to play. This is where a conversion top can make life a lot more easy, affordable, and convenient for you. We recommend looking for either Detroiter or Stiga conversion tops as they are constructed with the utmost of quality table top materials, are between ½ inch to ¾ inch in width, and offer protective features such as: rubber safety pads, sponge rubber stripping, and wood railings for the playing surface you already have in place. These conversion tops are typically in the $300 range, and can be a quality consolation when a table just won't work.

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