Advice For Any Tennis Player

By: Jimmy Cox

It will be helpful to players of all standards to read and take heed of the following advice. Every game can be improved!

Advice To Players

A. For beginners in tennis

1. Learn the correct strokes and stick to them.

2. Practise against a backboard every spare minute, trying to improve the rhythm and timing of your strokes, until they are machine-like.

3. Work for smoothness. If you use a full swing with good body action, accuracy and speed will develop naturally.

4. Never take your eyes off the ball until it leaves your racquet.

5. Never be hurried.

6. Keep racquet's reach away from the ball at all times. Practise, practise, PRACTISE!

7. Attend the best tournaments and observe the best players, then practise, practise, PRACTISE.

B. For intermediates in tennis

1. Follow the advice for beginners.

2. Practise weak strokes rather than strong ones, until you are sure of them. Try to hit as many backhands as forehands.

3. Admit your own weaknesses of form. Be willing to correct them patiently and persistently, even though your game goes to pieces for a while.

4. Never settle back on your heels on the court; perfect your footwork; always have your side to the ball.

5. Concentrate on correct court positions.

6. Play for practice and not for score.

7. Always expect your balls to be returned, and try for every ball.

8. Never give up.

9. Always try to place your ball, not just get it over the net.

C. For advanced players

1. After making your strokes automatic, concentrate on tactics.

2. Keep a balance of accuracy and speed, never sacrificing one for the other.

3. Use your head to save your heels.

4. Never throw a point or be indifferent. Play your best at all times, and be courteous and thoughtful of your opponent.

5. Practise as much as you play, and with some one who will give you the kind of shots you need.

6. Play and practise with good men players whenever possible.

7. Play in at least one serious tournament a year. This will show up your weak points and indicate the kind of practice you need.

8. Enjoy your tennis always. Make friends and develop good sportsmanship and social qualities through the game.

Tennis Etiquette For The Player

A. How to start the match

1. The serve or choice of ends is determined by the racquet toss. One player twirls his racquet while the other calls "rough" or "smooth." If "smooth" was called, and the smooth racquet face is uppermost the caller wins choice of serve or end.

B. Be friendly to your opponent

1. Before the match starts greet your opponent in a friendly manner.

2. When passing your opponent to change ends, speak a friendly word to him.

3. At the end of the match shake hands with your opponent and thank him for the match, or congratulate him on the victory.

4. Never make excuses for your poor playing if you lose.

C. Be thoughtful of your opponent

1. If there are no ball boys be sure to keep your opponent supplied with balls when he serves.

2. Do not return his first serve if it is a fault, or interrupt the sequence of his serves in any way.

3. When you are serving be sure that your opponent is ready before starting each point.

4. Play your best at all times, remember careless playing is an insult to your opponent.

5. Wear an all white costume that will not distract your opponent.

6. Do not delay the game by fussing over clothing, racquet, hair, etc.

D. Treat the officials with respect

1. Never question a decision.

a. Never throw a point.

b. Do not argue with the umpire.

c. Do not show by your manner that you disapprove of a decision.

2. Thank the umpire for officiating your match after it is finished.

3. In case of inability to play a match, default graciously without argument or plea for postponement.

Follow the above advice and you will always be welcome at a tennis match!

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