Your Six Pack Quest Ab Review

By: Keith Crovatt offers this complete editorial product review and non-biased rating of Vince Delmonte's "Your Six Pack Quest" abdominal 6 pack course.

Our Editorial Review:

Vince Delmonte's "Your Six Pack Quest" program is the latest in his teachings on total conditioning and physical fitness. His first program "", is now a top seller and is taking the bodybuilding industry by storm. He has a great talent in talking to the average guy/gal without the hype, techno babble and pill pushing that has become so common.

This program is designed to give you the ripped 6 pack abs that are so hard to accomplish on your own. He provides you a step by step routine that is proven by examples of real world measurements on his individual coaching clients.

The main program book is divided up in very easy to understand layers on information. Here is the table of contents:

Chapter 1 15 Reasons You Won't Get A Six Pack

Chapter 2 Your Six Pack Motivation Plan

Chapter 3 Your Six Pack Weight Training Plan

Chapter 4 Your Six Pack Cardio Plan

Chapter 5 Your Six Pack Meal Plan

Chapter 6 Your Six Pack Supplement Plan

Chapter 7 Your Six Pack Lifestyle Plan

Of particular interest to us was Chapter 2. Often, competing weight loss and bodybuilding programs leave out this critical instruction for staying with a program over the long term. What good does it do you to lose weight and get in shape only to see the results evaporate in less than 6 months. Do Not skim through this chapter!

There is so much more to getting 6 pack abs and a rock solid body than spending tons of time in the gym. Vince points out it is time "invested" in the gym not time "spent" in the gym that really matters. He also clears up many myths and "un-truths" that seem to drive late night television and magazine advertorials.

Vince also defines what he calls the "law of attraction." It is a long discussion about our current habits, foods, friends and hang-outs. Pay attention to this one, too.

A real eye opening discussion from Vince's "Your Six Pack Quest" program takes the focus off of the number of "sets", amount of weights, rest periods and tempos that are too often taken as gospel in gyms around the world. Vince says it is about the muscles and your gut feel. This one takes several reads to understand but we do see why this is a critical barrier to the best training you can achieve.

Our top rating of this program is achieved by adding the nutrition, diet section and complete DVD collection to his manual. Meal plans with various calorie layers crushes the competition for his program. Vince takes the guess work out of what to eat, when, where, why, etc.

His collection of 6 pack ab ebooks and bodybuilding DVDs is simply over the top. These are very professional and easy to follow. Vince has definitely moved the line on secrets, tips and actionable steps to achieve your 6 pack abs and lean, mean muscle bodies you are seeking.


We were blown away at the amount of information Vince is giving away with this program. This amount of information may overwhelm some people. Obviously, he is more concerned with your success and results than "selling promises" in programs that are hard to follow. There is a LOT of information in this course. It will require you to take action and put all of the information to use. With that said, if you are SERIOUS about changing your body now, then we recommend you pick up a copy of this program. He also offers lifetime updates (amazing).

Recommended for: Men and Women who are looking to get six pack abs with step by step muscle building meal plans and a solid workout program proven to work in the real world.

Awards: Best meal plans, (New program so industry awards will soon follow, we are sure)

Bottom Line Verdict: 5 Ribbons (top 5 program)

Review Notes: We reviewed the entire course for effectiveness, easy of readability and actionable plans to get your 6 pack.

Price - 2 levels of investment (7 additional products is a hands down best value). Introductory pricing in affect ($39.95) for a very limited time. Pricing will change after the market introduction period.

What You Get:

* 111 page "Your Six Pack Quest" Ebook + Free Bonuses

How It's Delivered:

Instant electronic delivery via PDF file format and movie files (Mac & PC compatible)


* FREE Bonus # 1: 15 hours of DVD videos

* FREE Bonus # 2: Qty 10: 84 day meal plans

* FREE Bonus # 3: 16 Week 3 Day Metabolic Boost Program

* FREE Bonus # 4: 16 Week 4 Day Metabolic Extreme Program

* FREE Bonus # 5: 16 Week 5 Day Metabolic Overdrive Program

* FREE Bonus # 6: 4 Week Bodyweight Program

* FREE Bonus # 7: 16 Week Razor-Sharp Abdominal Cardio Workouts

* FREE Bonus # 8: The No-Nonsense Fat Loss Virtual Trainer

* FREE Bonus # 9: The Fat Loss Supplement Watch Files

* FREE Bonus # 10: The 24/7 Six Pack Coach and unlimited updates

Value of Bonuses -> $970

Program Value for Investment: Extremely High

Program Claims:

How You Can Use Vince's Personally Designed Belly- Busting, Ab-Sharpening System To Get Into... Or Back Into... The Best Shape Of Your Life in 6 months, Guaranteed.


Full 100% 8 week money-back guarantee


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