Top Six Reasons to Visit Lake George

By: Robert
The second largest lake in Florida is Lake George.
Lake George covers around 46,000 acres. It is a unique
lake in the sense that once you leave the shallow
waters near the shore the bottom pretty much remains a
constant distance down with few changes. When it comes
to boating there are a number of activity options to
choose from so no matter what you are looking to do on
your vacation you can find it on Lake George.

1. The biggest attraction to Lake George is fishing.
The most common fish caught at Lake George include
large mouth bass, bluegill and shell cracker. The
vegetation and depth of the lake make for an excellent
bass habitat. All types of fishing are productive on
this lake including wade fishing. However, you can
also choose to fish from the shore or from the comfort
of your own boat. With so many places open to fishing
you are sure to find a secluded area to fish by

2. While the shallow water around the lake edge
doesn't make for good water sports there is still
plenty of room in the open water to enjoy any type of
water sport that interests you. Just be sure you
travel slowly and carefully along the edges where
there are potential snags for you and your boat. Once
you get into the open water you can open up your
engines and enjoy your favorite water sporting

3. There are a number of secluded spots along the
shoreline where you can anchor your boat. You can
spend the night on your boat deck watching the stars
and listening to the wildlife or you can choose to go
ashore and set up a campsite for the night. Either way
there are numerous species of wildlife that you can
observe from your campsite or the deck of your boat.

4. The shallow water areas around the shoreline
provide some excellent opportunities for the adventure
kayaker or the bird watcher. What better way to spend
your vacation than paddling around the shores of Lake
George in your kayak and watching all the numerous
wildlife species that the lake has to offer.

5. With so many species of plant and fish in the lake
scuba diving and snorkeling are excellent activities.
Take the time to swim in the cool water of the lake on
a hot summer day and watch the many species of fish
swim by you.

6. The shallow shores of the lake make it excellent
areas for swimming. For those who are traveling with
kids the shallow waters provide an excellent play area
for the children on a camping adventure. Since the
shallow water doesn't provide room for boating it is
also a safe option for those who want a relaxing time
for swimming.

There are a variety of options when it comes to water
activities on Lake George. So when you plan your next
boating adventure check out Lake George and you won't
be disappointed by what it has to offer you.
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