Choosing Between Types of Sailboats

By: Robert

When it comes to types of sailboats there are multiple choices you
can choose from. Including everything from a small one person
sailboat to a tall ship that can carry hundreds of people. The sail
configuration and hull type will determine how the types of
sailboats are classified.

The first and most common sail configuration is the sloop, which
consists of a mainsail and foresail. The basic sloop design also
comes with several different variations, for example there can be
more than one foresail or a fractional rig. A fractional rig is a
sloop where the foresail doesn't go all that way to the top of the
mast. In some conditions this type of a rig can give the boat better

Then there is that catboat which is similar to the sloop in design
with only one mast, however it doesn't have a headsail like a sloop.
The catboat is also distinctive because the mast is placed close to
the bow of the boat. Next is the ketch, which has two masts; a main
and a mizzenmast. There may also be a jib sail in front of the main
mast on some ketch sailboats. Lastly there is the schooner, which
can have two or more masts with the second being at least as tall as
the first.

So with all these choices to choose from how can you determine which
of the many types of sailboats is right for your needs? First you
need to take the time to learn about the different types of
sailboats available. Some of the many types of sailboats to consider
is keelboats, catamarans, catboats, trimarans, sloops, chooners and
yawls among others. Each sailboat will have their own features,
which you need to consider and learn about before making an informed
decision. So take the time to do some research and familiarize
yourself will all the available types of sailboats.

Next you need to consider what you plan on doing with your sailboat.
Where will you be using the sailboat most often; in the ocean, on a
lake or at a marina? When deciding what sailboat to buy you need to
know where you will be using it since each location has a different
aspect to the wind and water which will need to be considered
before making a final decision.

Now consider how many people you will typically have on board your
sailboat. Knowing how many people are typically going to be with you
can help you determine the right size of the sailboat you need. You
also need to consider the fact that depending on the size of the
sailboat you choose you may also need more people to safely operate
the sailboat.

Finally consider how you are going to use your sailboat. For those
who want to race, you will need a drastically different boat than
those who just want a sailboat to use for a leisurely time on the
marina or lake. Taking all of these factors into account can help
you choose the right sailboat type for your needs.

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