Walkera 5g6 R/c Helicopter Review

By: Laurentius Lochner

This little helicopter is my first co-axial helicopter. I bought the Walkera 5G6 with metal rotor head and the 2.4G transmitter. It's a bit more expensive than the standard Walkera 5G6 with plastic rotor head and normal 35 or 72 MHz transmitter. The Walkera 5G6 is the same size as the Walkera 4#3. The only difference is that the Walkera 5G6 have two counter rotating main rotor blades, and no tail rotor. Compared to the Walkera 4#3, the Walkera 5G6 weighs 53g, slightly heavier due to the extra main motor.

As I said in my Walkera 4#3 review, Walkera's designing engineers have done it again to put a superb little helicopter (the Walkera 5G6) out there for everyone to enjoy. This little helicopter will astonish you with its easy to fly and stable flight characteristics.

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Technical and designing review

The Walkera Dragonfly 5G6 (2.4GHz) 4CH PPM RC Helicopter RTF w/ Alloy Metal Rotor Head, is a stronger helicopter compared to the standard Walkera 5G6, and the 2.4GHz transmitter gives you peace of mind with strong anti-interference and no glitches.

Let's start with the main rotors. On the top of the main rotor system, a metal flybar runs through the main shaft with flybar blocks on each tip. The flybar blocks are little weights that give the Walkera 5G6 its outstanding stability. The flybar is connected with the upper main rotor with one linkage. This linkage can be adjusted if the tracking of the main rotor blades is out. The upper rotor blade rotates clockwise view from the top and it's shaft runs inside the bottom rotor shaft. Both upper and lower rotor blades have metal blade holders.

The rotor blades are made from strong durable plastic. The bottom rotor blade rotates counter clockwise viewed from the top. Due to the counter rotating rotor system of the Walkera 5G6, torque is cancelled out and there is no need for a tail rotor. The swashplate is situated below the bottom main rotor and is connected via two linkages to the bottom rotor blade holder.

The Walkera 5G6 have a 90? metal swashplate that is connected to the aileron and elevator servos with adjustable linkages. The 3.5g servos are prompt in reaction with control inputs. The elevator and aileron servos are situated behind the main shaft. The servos simply clips into position on the main frame which make replacement very easy if necessary.The Walkera 5G6 have two brushed motors with strong magnets. One motor drives the lower main rotor and the second one the upper main rotor.

The Walkera 5G6 have a four-channel receiver (elevator, aileron, rudder and throttle). The gyro and speed controller is build into the receiver. The gyro sensitivity can be adjusted to suite your flying skills. The servo extent can also be adjusted on the receiver.

The Li-Po (3.7V 400mAh) battery of the Walkera 5G6 gives about 8-10 minutes of flight time. It simply slides into the battery frame, which make battery changes very easy.The landing skids are made of extremely thin spring steel, and although they are very light, I think that they will handle hard landings with ease without breaking.

The tail boom is made out of plastic and has a little tail rotor only for the show. Due to the counter rotating main rotor blade, torque is cancelled out so there is no need for a real tail rotor to counteract torque. Overall the Walkera 5G6 have three high quality ball bearings to ensure smooth running on all moving parts.

The Walkera 5G6 comes with a Li-Po battery charger. A red light will be on during charging, and a green light will flash after charging is complete. It will take approximately 40-60 minutes for the Li-Po to be fully charged after flight.

Setup: The Walkera 5G6 is a ready to fly out of the box helicopter. No assembling needed. Do an overall check for any lose components before your first flight. You need to charge the Li-Po battery of the helicopter, and for the transmitter, you need eight AA batteries. They are not supplied with the Walkera 5G6 kit.

?Flight performance

Take care on you first flight. Don't assume that the helicopter is trimmed correctly. Hover first and trim the helicopter so that it hovers still in one spot without any input from the elevator, rudder and aileron stickers on the transmitter.

The first thing that I have noticed was the amazing stability of the Walkera 5G6 during flight. If the helicopter is properly trimmed out, you can literally remove your hands from the controls and the helicopter will hover happily in one spot. Rudder inputs are very responsive, and gyro sensitivity can be adjusted for faster response if needed.

I found the elevator and aileron responses to be a bit sluggish at first, but have adjusted the servo extend to give more cyclic movement. To go forward you really have to give a fair amount of down elevator, but that is typical to coaxial helicopters. Like wise flying backwards, left and right. You must remember that these little helicopters are very stable, that's why you need lots of cyclic inputs to change direction, except rudder.

Hovering the Walkera 5G6 is very easy. That's why I can highly recommend the Walkera 5G6 for anyone starting r/c helicopter flying. If you are looking for a nice little helicopter that you can fly in your home, this helicopter will do the trick. Due to its exceptional stability you can land and fly the Walkera 5G6 in small areas. The Walkera 5G6 is very silent during flight.

Reason to buy the Walkera 5G6 (2.4GHz) 4CH PPM RC Helicopter RTF w/ Alloy Metal Rotor Head

The Walkera 5G6 is a exceptional stable little indoor helicopter.
It is very easy to fly which make it a good entry level helicopter for beginners, or just for fun if you have previous flying experience.
The build in gyro is very effective.
It can fly up, down, left right, yaw left and right and can hover still in midair.
It is cheap to maintain.
The parts are easily obtainable.
The Walkera 5G6 is quite crash resistant.
Transition into forward flight is good.
It can be flown outside in zero wind conditions.
And it's not that expensive to buy.


If you want a really small fixed pitch coaxial four channel helicopter, this little Walkera 5G6 won't disappoint you. I highly recommend this new (2.4GHz) 4CH PPM RC Helicopter RTF w/ Alloy Metal Rotor Head addition from Walkera. If you are a newcomer or experienced R/C helicopter pilot, you will have lots of fun flying this little engineering marvel. Keep in mind that the Walkera 5G6 is an indoor heli only. For a few bucks more, I rather go for the metal rotor head and 2.4GHz version.

Wow... you will be amazed


Overall Length: 180 mm
Main Rotor Diameter (Upper): 175 mm
Main Rotor Diameter (Lower): 175 mm
All-up Weight: 53g (Battery included)
Drive System:2x1215 strong-magnetic motors
Battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po battery
Transmitter: WK-2401
Gyro: Built-in
Receiver: RX-2402
Servo: weight 3.5g;speed 0.11sec/60?(4.8V);torque 0.30kg/cm(4.8V)


Coaxial structure and palm-sizes dimensions are used to make the Walkera 5G6 the optimal model for indoor entertainment.
2 x 1215 strong-magnetic motor as power is powerful and makes flight very stable.
Highly efficient servo (3g) is prompt in reaction and effectively guarantees the performance of various flights.
The receiving circuit is equipped wit build-in gyro, whose sensitivity can be adjusted.
The flight time with the 3.7V 400mAh Li-Po battery will be up to 7-10 minutes.
2.4G RF gives the Walkera 5G6 transmitter high precision in anti-interference and prompt in reaction.

Don't miss out on this excellent little helicopter!


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