Tips for More Club Head Speed

By: John J. Lynch

In this Special 3 Part Golf Report you will learn:

- What creates club head speed?
- The Physics and design of a golf club.
- How to dramatically increase your club head speed?

I came across an excellent video of Tiger Woods' golf swing in slow motion - you can view it here for FREE:

You will need QuickTime to view this awesome video of Tiger's swing. To get QuickTime, copy and paste this link into your browser and download it FREES.

Notice half way down in his downswing Tiger still maintains at least a 90 degree angle between the club and his right arm...

The technical term for this is called "lag".

Most high handicappers do not have this lag mid way through the down swing because they release this angle at the start of the down swing...

Also known as "casting"...

The result - a weak slice...the malady of most golfers.

Now watch Tiger's hands through the impact area...

See how the right hand & forearm "rolls" over the left hand & forearm through the impact area?...

This indicates a full release...

Tiger says he likes to "shake hands with the target" through impact. If you don't already have Tiger's book "How I play Golf", I suggest you get it! He describes in detail how to release the club head through impact with beautifully illustrated color pictures.

High handicap golfers usually "hold on" through the impact area causing a weak hit resulting in a slice or a push shot.

The reason High handicappers "hold on" through impact I believe is because they do not have a fundamental understanding of what creates club head speed...

Which is (drum roll) THE HANDS!!! or the wrists.

Let me make an illustration that will "hammer home" (excuse the pun) this concept.

Try to hammer a nail without breaking your wrist...

Just use your arms and body...

Keep your wrist rigid...

Not much power, huh?

Now hammer the nail by only breaking or releasing your wrist, no body, no arms...

Much more power, right?

You are using momentum, centrifugal and angular forces, and a myriad of other cosmic factors to create power...

With very little effort...

Much like golf!

Have you ever watched a golf trick shot artist?

He can hit a golf ball 275 yards while kneeling on the ground.

This is contrary to the theory that it is the legs & hips that create power in the golf swing...

Don't ya think?

How do you think trick shot artists generate so much power while on his knees?

Effortless power comes from a full release of the hands through the impact area...

Remember the hammer example I gave you?

This is how a 150LB person can crush 300 yard drives...

They have learnt this important concept.

No you know how all those skinny dudes on the PGA tour crush the ball so far.

Can you imagine how far folks who are 6-3, 220 lbs can hit the ball if they apply these laws of physics?

Laws defined by Isaac Newton 300 years ago.

Remember what I said in Part I that golf is a game of two simple factors?

Speed and Direction of the club face at the moment of impact!

That's it!

Then why is everyone including the pros so preoccupied with golf swing?

I said it in part I, and I'll say it again...

The golf ball does not care what your swing looks like!!!

The golf ball only cares about the speed and direction of the club face at impact...

Stay tuned for Part 3...

Hit 'em Long & Straight!

John Lynch

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