The Secret to Club Head Speed

By: John J. Lynch

In this Special 3 Part Golf Report you will learn:

- What creates club head speed?
- The Physics and design of a golf club.
- How to dramatically increase your club head speed?

I became fascinated with the game of golf as soon as I took it up about 8 years ago. My background in engineering and my extensive studies in biomechanics allowed me to take a very scientific approach to the study of the golf swing. I soon realized the complexities in not only understanding the concepts of a sound swing, but also in the execution of these concepts.

After much study and much play, I realized the secret to a sound swing is first you must understand the concepts, and then you must put those concepts to work by developing the "feel" of a fundamentally sound swing...a swing you can repeat over and over again. Once you burn this feel into your subconscious you can make a fundamentally sound swing without thinking about it.

The golf swing operates along the laws of physics and anything we do that works against these laws will only further delay the learning process. I hope this scientific discussion on what are the mechanics of a sound swing as well as how to develop a repeatable sound swing helps you as much as it has helped me.

How do you develop pro-like club head speed? If there ever is a holy grail in golf...this is it! Most golfers are in search of more club head speed (or more distance) with the same vigor religious scholars are in search for the chalice Christ and his disciples drank from during the Last Supper...

The Holy Grail...

Let me propose a question to you:

Which part of your body do you think contributes the most to club head speed?

The answer to this question was to make a profound impact on my understanding of the golf swing...

I can tell you most golf swing gurus only mention this in passing and do not give it the justice it deserves.

Jon Barrett of Golf Swing Eureka carried out a survey and asked golfers the question:

Which part of the body contributes the most to club head speed?

Only 20% got the answer right..

That's only 1 in every 5 golfers!

And these golfers ranged from scratch golfer to high handicapper.

Curiously this figure relates to another golfing statistic...

Do you know that only 20% of golfers have a handicap of less than 18?

A mere coincidence I ask?

I began to wonder that maybe the secret to a sound swing and resulting lower scores is a clear understanding of this fundamental aspect of the golf swing.

Which part of your body do you think contributes the most to club head speed? Is it:

• Shoulders
• Arms
• Hands
• Hips
• Legs
• Torso
• Wrists

Before you answer this important question...

I want you to realize that golf is a game of opposites...

You must hit down on the golf ball for it to go up...

The easier you swing the further the golf ball goes...

These things are certainly true...

But why I ask?

The only thing the golf ball knows at the moment of impact...

Is the speed and direction of the club face...

That's it...

Nothing else...

Just those two factors...

The golf ball absolutely does NOT know or care what the swing looks like...

The golf ball only knows what is happening at a specific moment in time and space...

When you sit down and think about it...

Golf is really a game about speed and direction...

Get those two things down and you will simply nail this game down...

Stay tuned for Part 2...

Hit em Long and Straight!

John Lynch

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