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By: Seifpro

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Fear Issue

In this Halloween issue- How-To drills, examples, news, opinions, a golf lesson in every issue.

 Golf Advice So Powerful It's FRIGHTENING To Behold!

 A COVEN Working For You: How To Get Hillary Clinton, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie,
Nicole Richie, Oprah, American Idol, and The Sopranos to PAY for
your Golf Instruction- Page 3

 The Elusive GHOST (new golfer Example) Captured: From a whiff to tour like impact in
just 4 weeks- Page 4

 SPOOKILY Effective Putting Technique- Page 5

 Bunker WITCHCRAFT- Page 6

 A CAULDRON Of Tee-shot techniques- Page 6

 THE FRIGHTENING Power Of Pitch and Check- Page 7

 The Phenomenon: Gigantic Announcement- Page 8

 Renegade Golfer Ideas Of The Month- Page 9

Booo!! What a year to be scared! What has you the most scared this year? Paris Hilton perhaps?
The local newspapers frighten me the most. If it wasn't for all the good headlines and ideas I can steal (I mean
borrow), I would certainly cancel my subscription. But for now I just hope the ideas pay off enough to cover the

Now that I have a new born at home there are many more reasons to be frightened. With all the lead paint in
toys, crib recalls, polar melting, problems with China (or as Presidential Candidate Giuliani calls it Chiner), I
feel like Stephen King is living in my house. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more people have to
fear the sub-prime mortgage crisis, sagging housing markets, foreclosures of epic proportions, bird flu, Britney
Spears and other monsters in the closet. Pick your Ghoul.

What about your golf fears? Out of bounds, water, sand, trees, Mr. Havacamp's swimming pool off the third fairway?

Golf Fear Checklist

Bananas to all this. At some point you have gotta grow up and refuse to be scared by the next Bogey jumping
out of a bush and yelling "you're gonna slice it". Most of the noise around you is just that, noise. It is only
important if you are distracted by it. Ever spend 30 minutes watching "the next great driver" infomercial
promising to stop your slice? Wouldn't that time be better spent practicing 3 footers? What happens in your
golf bag is more important than what happens in Kevin Trudeau's golf bag.

I don't give a hooey what your 20 handicap uncle with the flashy new driver says about your '03 Callaway.
Very few golfers suffer from lack of technology anymore. You may not have the right technology for your
needs, but you certainly don't have a lack of it. Many more golfers are birdie starved from a lack of
fundamentals. Many due to quick, lazy surrender. They buy the negative attitudes their playing partners are
selling. They buy the golf myths their father's told them. If you do that, you are buying others' excuses for not
doing well. An expensive purchase.

This golf newsletter shows up every month to sell you golf info too. The opposites of doom, gloom, fear,
myths, and 20 handicappers "expert and free" advice. If you buy what I am peddling, and firmly shut your
mind to those with truckloads of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins, you will position yourself to play well. So let's take a look at what I am setting fire to and leaving on your porch this month.

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