How to Maintain your Perfect Weight & Health

By: Moinque M. Sharp

Eat variety of foods to minimize repeated exposure to food toxins, sprays, etc. All foods are handled differently in different parts of the country. (See Natural Foods List Below)

If you eat conventional fruits and vegetables, be extra cautious on what you put into your body, repeatedly. Conventional foods contain pesticides and other chemicals. It is always best to eat organic foods which are grown naturally without any chemicals.

Eat organic foods if you can. Certain foods are laced with dangerous pesticides. Wash all fresh foods thoroughly especially melons, as there have been several cases of salmonella poisoning found from cutting into the melons before washing them. Grow your own if possible.

When selecting organic foods at your local grocery store look for the "organic" label on each produce or the organic section. Conventional produce can be larger and look better than organic produce. Organic foods are somewhat costly, however, it is better to pay now than later.

Eat more fiber to speed dangerous toxins through the intestinal tract and to bind and neutralize them before they can do any harm. Fiber should be part of every meal. It is found in whole grains, beans, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. Processed foods lack fiber, be sure and add fresh food to every meal. Fiber also cuts down on food reactions and blood sugar fluctuations, in addition to preventing constipation.

Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber. Eat oatmeal in the morning with a piece of fruit, such as, banana, mango, peach, pineapple. Here is a list of fiber foods:


Lima beans

Navy beans

Pinto beans

Red Kidney

Soy beans

Fava Beans

Adzuki beans

Great Northern beans

Chick Peas










Reduce fat consumption since toxins are concentrated in the fat of an animal and saturated fats used in commercial cooking. These products are potentially dangerous toxins.

Avoid old nuts, grains and seeds that are not nitrogen sealed or kept under refrigeration. Aflatoxin, a mold that grows on these foods has been linked to cancer.

Refrigerate all fresh foods or cooked foods quickly so bacteria cannot form.

Avoid highly processed foods like ketchup, beef jerky, hot dogs and tomato based sauces, these have concentrated toxins.

Processed foods is the major cause of obesity and many other health issues due to the chemicals that they may contain. Replace these foods with natural food substitutes. (See List Below)

Avoid burned foods because they contain carcinogens that are cancer causing substances.

Buy only frozen fish, "fresh fish" in a grocer's case may have been around many days. Do not eat raw fish.

Do not consume liver. Toxins from the body of the animal are left in the tissues of the liver after it has cleaned them out of the blood supply. Avoid all organ meats.

Avoid foreign-made dinnerware, glassware, etc. It could contain leaded glasses and glazes that may leach into our food. Also, avoid antique crystal dishes and other dinnerware made before the law was passed in the States against the use of lead in dinnerware.

Do not use plastic wrap in microwave ovens, plastic containers, etc. Use only glass for food storage. Plastic leaches petro chemicals into food.

Microwaves have heat susceptors that are a source of hazardous chemicals, and materials around them also break down in the intense heat creating more toxins that can get into the food. Use a paper towel or paper plate over the food or the specially designed lids that come with microwave cooking dishes. Put a little water on the dish and arrange the food to be of uniform density, then cover and cook. The cover will hold in the steam killing any bacteria.

When heating leftovers, heat them up on medium-high or high heat. This will be hot enough to kill bacteria. Warming them only to eating temperatures is not hot enough.

To be on the safe side, do not use a microwave at all and go back to traditional cooking.

Fat and spicy foods put stress on the gall bladder and the liver, resulting in heartburn and indigestion, so avoid fried food, gravies, and dairy products.

Overeating overloads the stomach, pressure forces acid back up into the esophagus, leading to heartburn, gas, and bloating. The end result is obesity.

When eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks they are to be considered as a sacred moment. Always sit down in a comfortable place where you are able to focus on your food only. For every mouthful of food, chew slowly until food has broken down into small pieces. As you chew saliva is mixed throughout the food which allows the enzymes to digest food properly. When food is chewed thoroughly, the stomach becomes full faster. Once the stomach is full, stop eating. This is where people start to overeat because they crave the flavor more than satisfying the hunger.

Eat All Natural Foods. Additives aren't good for you, avoid them.

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