7 Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Free Reprint Articles

By: Shery Ma Belle Arrieta-Russ

Do you have old free reprint articles gathering dust? Transform and re-submit them to give your business, product or service another boost!

Here are 7 ways:

1. Transform your article.

You can transform your article in several ways:

  • Give it a bullet or number format.
  • Give it a Q and A format.
  • Give it an anecdote format by adding your own experience.
  • Give it a Problem-Solution format.
  • Give it a short feature format by interspersing quotes from 2-3 people with information.

Do this and you'll end up with many versions of your original article.

2. Create many titles for your article versions.

List possible titles for the article versions you develop. Mix and match the titles with the article versions.

3. Give your article a different tone/style.

If your article is too serious, rewrite it and give it a lighter tone.


Focus your article on a specific audience.

If your article is too generalized, transform it into several articles aimed at specific types of readers.

For example, an article titled 'Creative Online Marketing' can have these title variations:

  • 'Creative Online Marketing for Webmasters'
  • 'Creative Online Marketing for Small Business Owners'
  • 'Creative Online Marketing for Affiliates'
  • 'Creative Online Marketing for Auctioneers'

In the above example, 4 new article versions can be developed simply by being more specific with the target reader. Do this on your article, then simply do a minor edit of your original article by tailoring the content with specific article titles.

5. Expound on a sub-topic.

Go over an article and see if you can expound on a sub-topic, keyword or idea. Then develop that into a bulleted article.

6. Shorten your article.

Transform a 1500-word article into a 500-word one. The shorter, the better. In writing, one rule of thumb is: if you can get your point across in as fewer words as possible, do so.

7. Update your article.

An article you wrote 5 years ago may still be applicable today. Simply update the article to reflect current trends or new insights you've had on the topic since you wrote it.

And here are some places you can submit your new article versions:

Article lists:

  • Article Announce ()
  • Article Submission()
  • ()
  • Publisher Network ()

Article Directories:

  • 1st In Articles ()
  • ArticleCity.com ()
  • ArticleHub.com ()
  • ArticleResponder.com ()
  • EzineArticles.com ()
  • Family-Content.com ()
  • GoArticles.com ()
  • IdeaMarketers.com ()
  • ValuableContent.com ()

There you have it! 7 ways you can get more mileage from your old articles. Don't let your old articles gather dust!


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