Changes Sweeping Mazda Corporation

By: Kraig Johanssen

Mazda Motor Corporation the producer of top-of-the-line has announced recently that they will employ changes that will affect the organization and the personnel. The changes will take effect on June 26, 2007.

Here are the some of the changes that are to be implemented by Mazda Motors Corporation (source:

  1. Organizational Changes

  2. Changes in the area of corporate affairs


    - Mazda will effect organizational changes to enrich and enhance the company's management, based on social responsibility as the foundation for our business activities under our long-term vision. The changes will consolidate various corporate social responsibility (CSR) related activities into a single organization, such as corporate governance, risk management, environmental protection, corporate compliance, human rights enhancement, and social contribution activities-which have been conducted separately until now-and ensure their consistency.

    - By separating the internal control promotion and auditing functions within the Internal Auditing Division, we will further improve the efficiency of control activities and ensure a more independent and objective auditing process.

    - The Corporate Affairs Div. has been renamed the Corporate Services Div.

    - The CSR Promotion Dept. has been newly established within the Corporate Services Div. Partial functions of the Personnel and Labor Affairs Dept., General Affairs Dept., Office of Legal Affairs and Internal Auditing Div. have been transferred and consolidated within it.

    - The Internal Auditing Div. has been reorganized and renamed the Global Auditing Dept.

    - In line with the organizational changes stated above, the Internal Auditing Div. has been eliminated.

  3. Personnel Changes

  4. The List of Directors, Officers, Auditors

    • Representative Director Hisakazu Imaki and Chairman of the Board

    • Representative Director Robert J. Graziano

    • Representative Director Takashi Yamanouchi

    • Representative Director David E. Friedman

    • Director Daniel T. Morris Director Ryoichi Hasegawa

    • Director Kiyoshi Ozaki

    • Director Seita Kanai

    • Director Masaharu Yamaki

    • Corporate Auditor (Full time) Junichi Yamamoto

    • Corporate Auditor (Full time) Shigeki Wakamatsu

    • Corporate Auditor Kenichi Komatsu

    • Corporate Auditor Ichiro Sakai

    • Corporate Auditor Isao Akaoka

    • * President and CEO Hisakazu Imaki

    • * Executive Vice President Robert J. Graziano Assistant to President;

    • In charge of China Business, R&D, Marketing, Sales, IT Solution, Quality Assurance and Environment

    • * Executive Vice President Takashi Yamanouchi Assistant to President;

    • In charge of Corporate Liaison, Purchasing, Administration, Secretariat, Human Resources and Internal Auditing

    • * Senior Managing Executive Officer David E. Friedman In charge of Corporate Planning and CFO

    • * Senior Managing Executive Officer Daniel T. Morris In charge of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

    • * Senior Managing Executive Officer Ryoichi Hasegawa In charge of Corporate Communications & Liaison and IT Solution; Assistant to the CFO

    • * Senior Managing Executive Officer Kiyoshi Ozaki In charge of China Business

    • * Senior Managing Executive Officer Seita Kanai In charge of R&D; President, Mazda Engineering &Technology Co., Ltd.

    • * Senior Managing Executive Officer Masaharu Yamaki In charge of Production and Business Logistics

    • Managing Executive Officer Masazumi Wakayama In charge of Domestic Business

    • Managing Executive Officer Nobuhiro Hayama In charge of R&D Quality and Powertrain Development

    • Managing Executive Officer James J. O'Sullivan President and CEO, Mazda Motor of America, Inc. (Mazda North American Operations)

    • Managing Executive Officer Akira Marumoto In charge of Product Planning and Program Management;

    • General Manager, Product Planning & Business Strategy Div.

    • Managing Executive Officer Keishi Egawa In charge of Corporate Planning and Financial Services

    • Managing Executive Officer Toru Oka In charge of Purchasing

    • Managing Executive Officer Malcolm D. Gough In charge of Overseas Sales and Customer Service

    • Managing Executive Officer James M. Muir President and CEO, Mazda Motor Europe GmbH

    • Managing Executive Officer Nobuhide Inamoto In charge of Quality Assurance and Environment

    • Managing Executive Officer Yasuto Tatsuta General Manager, Production Engineering Div. and President, Toyo Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd.

    • Executive Officer Satoshi Tachikake President and CEO, Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd. and General Manager, China Business Div.

    • Executive Officer Hirotaka Kanazawa In charge of Vehicle Development and Technical Research Center

    • Executive Officer Masamichi Kogai President, AutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

    • Executive Officer Koji Kurosawa In charge of Corporate Services, Risk Management, CSR and Mazda Hospital

    • Executive Officer Shiro Mikami General Manager, Domestic Business Div.

    • Executive Officer Kozo Kawakami General Manager, Customer Service Div.

    • Executive Officer Noriaki Yamada COO, Mazda Motor (China) Co., Ltd.

    • Executive Officer Toshinori Kusuhashi General Manager, Hiroshima Plant

    • Executive Officer Yuji Nakamine General Manager, Overseas Sales Div. and President, Mazda South East Asia Ltd.

    • Executive Officer A. Kumar Galhotra General Manager, Program Management Div.

    • Executive Officer Hiroshi Yamamoto Sales & Field Operations, Domestic Business Div. and President, Mazda Chuhan Co., Ltd.

    • Executive Officer Tatsuji Ikeda General Manager, Quality Div.

    • Executive Officer Minoru Mitsuda General Manager, Human Resources Div.

    • Executive Officer Masafumi Nakano General Manager, Hofu Plant

    • Executive Officer Kazuki Imai General Manager, Purchasing Div.

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