How to Check the Credibility of Online Vehicle Exporters

By: Azhar

How to check the credibility of online vehicle exporters

When it comes to believing how someone check the credibility of online vehicle exporters. Credible companies have the ability to change the opinions, attitudes, and behaviors, to motivate and persuade. In contrast, when credibility is low, the potential to influence is also low.

You can have a better idea having analyzed the following factors:

Quality of vehicles

The first thing to consider is the quality of the product, either it meets your needs or not?

Because when you visit to a newer company you have two things to analyze


Always start from the product as you may find your desired product even if the company doesn't approve up to your expectations:

Quality should be excellent
Vehicles should have low mileage
Any dents
Vehicle history

Quality of pictures

There are numbers of online vehicle exporters who does not display their vehicles clearly (dents, defects, alterations) and when you receive the vehicle it is taken as the vessel damages.

This is annoying, you must be satisfied with the angles of pictures (Every inside and outside image of the vehicle) to make sure you get the same vehicle you have seen.

In short, you must see at least 15-20 different pictures of the vehicle (if available). In other case, if you are provided to view 4-5 pictures of the vehicle, simply the company is not reliable.

Presence of Business

You should visit the ABOUT US and FAQ section having checked the product now it is the company's age and achievements.

How do you export?
From whom do you import?
Establishment of the company?
Physical Address
Phone numbers

Customer testimonials

Customer testimonials are always a good way to have multiple experiences of other customers. They experience the service and provide with their positives and negatives. However, these days it has been a trend to write the customer testimonials and label them as if they are forwarded by the customers. The good thing is these sorts of deliberately made testimonials can easily be recognized if you have little common sense.

Customer support

The product is good; the company is good, now it is the customer support with whom you have to finalize your purchase and have long relationships after purchase too.

Let's, give them a knock (inquiry) and see how soon they respond to your queries?

Respond time to inquiries received through the web.

Nothing kills credibility faster than prospective customers try to reach to the "sales" email address only to have their inquiries go unanswered. Conversely users consider a website credible if the company provide quick responses to their customer service questions. Even better, the company sends email confirming the transaction that users make.


See how frequently the website gets updated, it is one of the crucial factors of credibility.

If you see the stock updated on regular basis, this means the selling and purchasing process is fast and quick and you can trust them as the amount of vehicles they have stocked and sold.

Same applies, if the company provides you with the stock updates, promotion schemes and special offers via email. This is good to be a member and compare your favorite vehicle exporter to others. In the end, doing comparisons is always a better idea to check the credibility between the two you have chosen.

In this case, customer support is very vital.

Do they update customers about payment, shipment and other updates frequently?


Price comparison is a better way to know the available vehicle under your budget, but you should not compromise on the quality of the vehicle at all. If quality is good no matter what!

You should carry on with the company. In case, if both quality and prices are the best, then you are a luck champ!

I personally like Car Junction Ltd. I have imported Vehicles from them and recommend to others. These guys really deserved the first rank when it comes to exporting vehicles all around the world.

The customer support service is ideal; they are committed to provide the excellent customer support 24 hours. In short, Csar Junction Ltd. is my recommendation as I have experienced them from choosing the vehicle to driving the vehicle.

Some other good resources are:


The bottom line is that credibility is paramount, and deserves every buyer's attention. As you consider how you check the credibility of any exporter of vehicles. If any company follows following strategies, it will automatically have significant positive impact to purchase for you.


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