Automotive Q&a Trivia

By: Brent Lasalle

Consider yourself knowledgeable when it comes to cars? Maybe you fancy yourself a closet auto industry expert? If so, try these twenty tidbits of trivia on for size. See how you and your friends stack up. Use the answer key at the end to grade yourself. And remember: no cheating. Good luck.

1. What was the cost of a brand new Ford vehicle in 1924?

2. American car horns beep to this musical tone?

3. In what year did power windows first appear on vehicles?

4. What percentage of nations drive on the left side of the road?

5. Ferrari produces a maximum of ___ cars per day.

6. A bicycle is quicker than an automobile for trips under 50 minutes in this congested Asian city?

7. Airbags deploy at this speed when triggered?

8. In 2001, Chrysler sued General Motors claiming the grill on the _______ copied the design on its' Jeep brand.

9. The national 55mph speed limit was enacted in this year after oil shortages?

10. Every single car manufactured in the world is given its' own unique what?

11. The very first speeding ticket was handed out in this year?

12. What percentage of the worlds cars are located in the U.S.?

13. According to the FBI, a vehicle is stolen this often in the U.S.?

14. The earliest cars were maneuvered with this rather than a steering wheel?

15. This percentage of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product is directly linked to the auto industry?

16. Present day cars have an average 0-60mph time of?

17. This international city has the most Rolls Royces per capita?

18. Ferdinand Verbiest, a Belgian priest, fabricated the first known functional auto model in this year?

19. In 1898, the New York City Police Department used these to chase speeding motorists?

20. What percentage of trips from an American home involve the use of a car?

Answer Key:

1. $265

2. F

3. 1946

4. Roughly 25%

5. 14

6. Tokyo, Japan

7. 4500mph

8. Hummer H2

9. 1974

10. VIN #

11. 1902

12. 40%

13. Every 23 seconds

14. lever

15. 20%

16. 9.9 seconds

17. Hong Kong

18. 1668

19. bicycles

20. 94%

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