Am I Suitable for an Online MBA Degree Program?

By: J.J. Yong

Basically, all of us are able to start an online MBA degree program, unless you are a coward person and resistible to changes; then the answer would definitely be "No". If you have passion in making business or you want to be recruited by a prestigious corporate business company; you need to think twice before you enroll to a high-ranked online business school.

If you have bachelor's degree qualification and you do not have any working experiences, it is advisable that you start to take some MBA preparation course before you register to any postgraduate degree program. These preparation courses including GMAT, TOEFL, and any other requirement test offered by the business schools. Optionally, you can only sit for GMAT examination without attending classes since there are a lot of GMAT preparation resources on the internet.

In addition, keep in mind that getting financial aid for MBA courses is very tough. You need to have some own study funds throughout the whole study program. For a full-time course duration, it would probably take up to two years of study, whereas part-time course duration is averagely up to six years of study.

Plan your expenditure well in order to avoid personal financial crisis. You can consider other alternatives such as getting a study loan from a bank, or seeking money from family and friends. For your information, online MBA degree program tuition fees are slightly higher than traditional ones. You must do a survey in advance in order to find out which business schools that offer affordable online education program. Make sure these courses are offered by accredited business schools.